Realme Narzo 30 Pro 5G

Realme Narzo 30 Pro 5G

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Hardware Specs are good at the price of INR 13K . But OS or UI is not good.

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    • User123
    • s89
    • 24 Oct 2023

    Art Kerala , 30 Jun 2022Terrible camere. They did not even work near their number series.Nope it's camera is awesome I have been using it since 2 years

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      • Kungfu Boy
      • U{%
      • 24 Jul 2023

      I love this phone camera battery all are very good yarrr...go for it

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        • Thanatos
        • y6W
        • 24 Nov 2022

        Everyone's complaining about how the camera is not good, how very little features are. Hey, it's a budget gaming phone, what else do you expect for an affordable price like this one? If it's too simple for you, I'd suggest you buy the latest samsung flip and iphone.

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          • Art Kerala
          • ypc
          • 30 Jun 2022

          Terrible camere. They did not even work near their number series.

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            • Tj
            • fCB
            • 23 Jun 2022

            There's no FM Radio 📻

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              • Alex
              • Dk7
              • 13 Feb 2022

              Why features are very less ?

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                • Anonymous
                • rJL
                • 03 Feb 2022

                Isaac, 13 Jan 2022Is this phone support jio sim . Volte Yes, good VoLTE support with Jio.

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                  • Peace
                  • DkP
                  • 20 Jan 2022

                  Using it from 2 weeks ,here is my review.(updated to Android 11)
                  Pros : good performance , decent battery backup,less heating compared to older mediatek devices,realme ui is good ,rear camera takes good photos even in low light,120 hz refresh rate and dart chaging is additional goodies.
                  Cons :front cam not up to the mark in low light , display is little bit colder temperature in my opinion (but have good brightness),
                  Overall great device for the price .

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                    • Anonymous
                    • Hkv
                    • 15 Jan 2022

                    Isaac, 13 Jan 2022Is this phone support jio sim . Volte Yes, it does.

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                      • Isaac
                      • rJh
                      • 13 Jan 2022

                      Is this phone support jio sim . Volte

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                        • Anonymous
                        • j0c
                        • 02 Dec 2021

                        Don't I am telling you don't spec's are far from reality better go with one plus
                        Realme is gud only if you're a new Smart phone user other you'll regret believe me

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                          • mycameramag
                          • XND
                          • 17 Nov 2021

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                            • YW2
                            • 12 Nov 2021

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                              Anonymous, 21 Jul 202135000?? We get Snapdragon 870 in that pricebruh i know that we get snapdragon 888 powered phone for as less as 37k but the problem with samsung is that it overprices its mid range phones for what specs they offer...if they offer more 5g bands and good camera they cut cost on display and processor and vice versa...only people who doesnt want chinese phones and a good software go for samsung..otherwise i dont find them good for gaming or any other special purpose..samsungs new 5g phone is having dimensity 720 and is priced for like 19000 for the 4gb variant and only 60hz display wheras brands like realme and xiaomi,poco provides higher refresh rate and good displays along with better processors at more or less the same price tag

                                This phone got stable android 11 update already..please update your info

                                  • M
                                  • Munu
                                  • KSf
                                  • 26 Aug 2021

                                  auto call recording not functioning how to installl

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                                    • AMenzZ
                                    • tZ0
                                    • 09 Aug 2021

                                    Prudvi, 05 Aug 2021Worst mobile.. automatically switching off and on continuou... moresend back to claim warranty...
                                    the unit you bought is original unit or clone unit?
                                    if original unit just send back to claim warranty....

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • XW5
                                      • 06 Aug 2021

                                      Prudvi, 05 Aug 2021Worst mobile.. automatically switching off and on continuou... moreHey man, if you have those kind of issues, why don't you take the phone to service or claim the guarantee? Instead of explaining all of those here, it won't help you or everyone

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                                        • Prudvi
                                        • H4X
                                        • 05 Aug 2021

                                        Worst mobile.. automatically switching off and on continuously after using 1 month. failure model . issues with many applications . please don't prefer