Realme to release a Helio P70-powered phone soon

Peter, 25 October 2018

The Helio P70 has its first customer – Realme has reportedly picked the new AI-focused chipset for upcoming models. The original (launched just a few months ago) used the Helio P60.

The P70 adds 100MHz to the clock speeds of the four big Cortex-A73 cores and also the Mali-G72 MP3 GPU. It also claims 10-30% faster AI performance and improved camera hardware – for example, it can render bokeh at 24fps. It has more advanced power-saving features as well.

Helio P70 infographic
Helio P70 infographic

The second crop of Realme phones – used Snapdragon 450 (Realme 2 and Realme C1) as well as Snapdragon 660 (Realme 2 Pro).

We’ve not yet had the opportunity to benchmark the Helio P70, but taking into account the P60 performance and the overclock, the Realme phones with P70 should be as fast (even slightly faster) than the Realme 2 Pro's Snapdragon 660.



Reader comments

Umm... not that high, I'm afraid. This little overclock may regain the level of similarity to SD660, but 670/675 is a totally different beast. The former is using SD710 architecture, only slightly underclocked, while the latter is using 4th gen Kryo ...

It will be a flop if it's priced at some what? 500 dollars? Otherwise things will still go well for them

The GPU is the same as the one found in the HELIO P60, just that it's clocked faster. In fact, the HELIO P70 is basically just a faster version of the HELIO P60

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