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Realme X2 Pro

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  • Siva

oops, that notch, could have been better without that notch in the display. I love my realme X, no notch, no navigation bar, just full screen.


  • Model

X50 5G coming, waiting for...

  • Natzy

Does it really support band 28 (700 Mhz)? It was not stated in the specs here but in Europe ( release it will support.

  • madara

what about the touch sensor ?

  • Ankit

Anonymous, 21 Nov 2019But x2pro is cheaper. X2pro beats rog 2 in charging speed a... moreWhat is it's SAR value

I've just bought it the 12gb/256 version china rom, im looking forward to it

  • Ali2020

A flagship killer without micro SD card slot .

  • hantukubur

when real x2 pro release at spec..will wait this phone..realme still the best..#realmefan

KungYii1994, 22 Nov 2019Any touch delay issue play pubg or codm?nope none at all. It was only android 8.1 that had massive touch issues

Any touch delay issue play pubg or codm?

This is the phone to go for consumers who want flagships specs, very fast charging on a budget. Good job Oppo!

  • Anonymous

romel10, 20 Nov 2019realme x2 pro or Oneplus 7?Oneplus 7 is an outdated phone. Op didnt even spend much on its updates even when it was new. 7 pro received huge updates with many camera improvements like 10-20 areas. I rmmbr op7 received a small update when it was launched stating camera improvements. They didnt even mention what was improved. Camera quality of 7 is much inferior to 7pro and 7t. Plus no telephoto, no ultrawide, no 90hz, slow charging, small battery, old processor.

  • Anonymous

Cat, 20 Nov 2019I prefer oppo reno ace because of the camera and antutu ben... moreX2pro's camera will eventually become better bcs of more updates by realme. Even normal updates are modified by realme. And antutu scores are misleading. X2pro runs just as fast as oppo, if not more.

  • Anonymous

Vicky, 20 Nov 2019Hi Everyone Please make me understand that why most of the... moreSd card slots make the phones a bit slower. It is a cost cutting thing and if you really need a lot of storage, just buy 255gb version which is not a lot expensive than 128gb version substracting the cost of extra 128gb sd card. Plus enjoy the extra ram. 12gb monster

  • Anonymous

Tejas, 21 Nov 2019You have to look again asus rog phone 2 specs and performan... moreBut x2pro is cheaper. X2pro beats rog 2 in charging speed and camera performance. Rog2 dsnt even have a telephoto cam. Performance is same. Rog2 has a lot of cons like its heavier and way big which isnt ideal for a lot of ppl, average camera quality and average 18w charger in box(cheaper version). Only thing that is better in rog 2 is 1)audio which is a very minor difference and you wont notice. So no point to rog.
2) battery which is a hot topic. I dont want a 6000 mah battery which need 2:30 hrs charging. I am satisfied with 4000mah battery which charges in 28 mins. In 2:30 hrs, you can charge realme for 5 times. No sticking to charger anymore. Again no point to rog
3) 120hz display which is sure better than 90hz. But I think 90hz is enough for me rn and the difference is surely not worth more money. Not to mention faster battery drainage.
Looks are also another subjective factor. Some ppl need a sophisticated simple phone like x2pro. Not aggressive.

  • Anonymous

MiiDVeD, 21 Nov 2019The X2 provides almost identical specs to the OP7, the only... moreYou can't be more wrong. Realme x2pro is giving a lot mora than 7t at 100 euro less price. Like headphone jack which is imp for some ppl, mich faster charging and a slightly bigger battery. And the software thing? ColorOs looked bad earlier but colorOs7 is coming which is a lot better with 40% better ram management and better battery optimisation. It is a huge upgrade. The difference between software is oxygenOs is a clean software missing a lot of features offered by colorOs7 but is faster bcs of that. While colorOs7 is a heavy ui with more features, more customisations hence is a bit slower but you wont notice a difference on a 90hz phone. You decide you want more features, more customisations or a clean marginally faster ui. But who knows colorOs7 might be equally fast on x2pro leaving oxygenOs with nothing.
P.s most imp part is no hideous circular camera module

  • babu

Vicky, 20 Nov 2019Hi Everyone Please make me understand that why most of the... moreit's true man absolutely correct.

Vicky, 20 Nov 2019Hi Everyone Please make me understand that why most of the... morefirst
most likely because it already has a large internal memory of 128 or 256. I just use a 128gb smart phone has not used up the memory and I also use an SD card but only to save photos and move files only
5g is still very new and in some countries it might take several years to be evenly distributed as my country includes. so it would not hurt if you still buy a smart phone with a 4g network base at this time especially this is still 2019.
like in the old days the transition from 3g to 4g is still a lot too who uses 3g phones. When everything is evenly distributed, they start replacing their phones with the new 4G

  • Lol@u

For those who compare ROG 2 to this device are tech noobs cause rog is twice and a half the price of this one....