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Realme X2 Pro

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  • Anonymous

SK, 09 Oct 2019Killer if available under 30k.....for 6/128gb Realme plz incre... moreHow can cam be in gb?

  • bujji

rili, 09 Oct 2019battery quiet disappointing i taught it will have 4500mah when it supports fast charging no need of asking 4000+ battery bro

  • rili

battery quiet disappointing i taught it will have 4500mah

  • SK

Killer if available under 30k.....for 6/128gb
Realme plz increase battery capacity to 5000mah in all smartphone & front cam 32gb

  • FirstName

Oh My God. year 2019. Battle of Cameras, battle of charging. 35mins full charge. WTF

  • Anonymous

If the base its 319€ or 370$ I'm gonna buy it for sure but if its 400€(500+$)im gonna buy the x2.

  • Anonymous

IP68+?? If it can't survive a tropical rainstorm, it's useless!

  • Nova

Nova, 08 Oct 2019Pretty impressive! But I'd advise against just focusing on its ... moreI think a TOF camera should be better placed with the from facing camera than at the rear since rear cams have better hardware configurations that front cameras. That or an Ultrawide angle Wefie cam is advisable

  • Nova

Pretty impressive!
But I'd advise against just focusing on its features rather than an overall sound performance, solid build, nothing less than 4000mah, pleasant aesthetics and balance in terms of consumer needs and not just unnecessarily sales gimmicks.

Notch designs are annoying and mundane, especially for a flagship being released at this innovative times... Get rid of the ridiculous notch!
It would be wise if they could implement a design similar to the Realme X master edition or the Oppo Reno 2 design, which have centralized rear cams. But I'd rather they lose the popup cams and make use of Nokia 9 Pureview or Samsung S8/S9 front design with trimmed top bezel {if possible and efficient} and next to no bottom bezels. Popup mechanism only make the phone heavier and thicker, reduces the space for a bigger battery and aren't reliable in the long run.

I'm not a fan of gimmicks like the 64 mp camera used in mid rangers now. An optimized 12mp or even 20mp tops, with powerful sensor and features like OIS and EIS like it is implemented on Lumia 950 XL and 1020 would beat down any of all these 48 and 64 mp cams. A Quad camera setup is unnecessary, reduce it to 3 max- allowing for Telescopic lens and Ultrawide cams, the number of cams isn't what impresses buyers but their efficiency.
No need for a depth sensor if it has a solid main cam which has been proven in devices like Huawei P30 amongst others.
Screen size should be trimmed to 6.3¨ max, which would conserve battery, reduce weight, enhance display resolution and ease of use. QHD display + HDR10 + DCI-P3 would be dope with Amoled having 90hz refresh rate. Fingerprint sensor should be ultrasonic.
Id advise they make us of a 4000mah+ battery {not exceeding 4500mah} if they can keep the weight under 190g.

I'm OK with every other feature... Although i'm not sure it can be released under 400$, but let's see.

  • Anonymous

I think this phone gonna be around €450-550. They didnt claim to be flagship killer instead its about price segment

  • Anonymous

under 380$ for 6/64 + sd card

  • Anonymous

161mm tall
make it 4600mah

  • mahmud muhammad

You55, 08 Oct 2019What is the price ??400 £

Wait the battery is 3900 mah? hmm nope

  • Butatoy

What is the price of this phone?

  • Balettan

This is not good no sd card support only 16 mp front camera no 5g poor strategy from realme

Realme X2 Pro expected price 350-430 €

  • mukul sharma

Anonymous, 08 Oct 2019Mukul Sharma has said in twitter that the front cam is 16 mp and... moreNo brother. That wasn't for the X2 Pro.

  • You55

What is the price ??

  • Anonymous

Mukul Sharma has said in twitter that the front cam is 16 mp and not 32mp