Realme X50 5G (China)

Realme X50 5G (China)

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  • f}F
  • 17 Aug 2020

All are doing lame things continuously. Almost same configuration goes on regularly. Either Amoled or good camera or higher refresh rate. If they give ips display they provide higher refresh rate. Again if amoled display, no refresh rate, camera is bad. No phone in midrange with amoled and telephoto-wide angle lens. What people actually do with depth or macro sensor. Please make something for clients. No good phone for midrange users. We don't need fucking higher refresh rate. Give amoled display with 60Hz

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    • fxH
    • 26 Jul 2020

    why did you cut 3.5mm jack, That's extremely useful 🤯

      Image processing of pro vs. non pro version?

        ObeerbongKenobi, 12 Jun 2020You took the words right out of my mouth. I love when revi... moreYou have dissected the point well but brands like realme and xiaomi fail to achieve this. They dont have the tech. They make heavy bricks with better specs and vulgar ads slapped on them. They have no finesse in the build. realme UI is not smooth .I also dont understand why glass back at all! It adds to the weight of the phone. we usually use a backcover anyways. A perfect phone should not weigh above 150 gms with 4000 mah battery. Develop that material which is light and strong like sammy has done with glastic. My A71 with 6.7 inch display weighs only 179 gms. Although it is good for media consumption but not comfortable during long calls. But how samsung has controlled the weight is amazing. 6.4 inch display with 19:9 ratio is quite good , material like glastic should be improved further. Battery tech should also be improved to make it more long lasting and lighter. Just by slapping newer chipset from qualcom every two months has made the market stale. No new innovation in smartphones except for faster charging and new overly hyped cameras.

          arun5959, 04 Jun 2020Newly come brands like Realme can never learn weight contro... moreYou took the words right out of my mouth. I love when reviewers say things like "it has some nice heft...feels solid...premium feeling" at 200-210 grams wtf are they smoking? Realme and xiaomi need to expand the lite (light) phones. Stop making 6.5 inch phones that weigh as much a brick and start focusing on making slimmer smaller phones that people can actually put in their pockets without their pants falling down or ripping holes in your jean pockets, backpacks and purses because of the weight. And stop the 6 camera nonsense. We need 1 good camera with a decent Sony imx sensor. Not 6 camera arrays that can be scratched or cracked easily and only 1 useable one. I'm gonna start my own phone company. They are going to have oled screens with no punch holes or notches. Maybe no selfie cam at all. One really good camera on the back, an in display fingerprint reader, and the phone will weigh 145-155 grams max. They will support 5g bands 71, n41, n260 n261, n257, n258 score 350k in antutu and have a slim 4000mah battery and low power high performing chipset and cost $240.00

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            • ObeerbongKenobi
            • kkM
            • 12 Jun 2020

            gurukiran, 08 Jun 2020More variants are soon to be added in the Realme X50 army a... moreX50m is the x50 5g. It's the exact same phone. Phone is 255.00. The 5g is useless if you live anywhere other than china. USA 5g uses band 71 this however has 4g bands 2 and 4 so this is good for USA customers even if the 5g band is not supported. It's faster than a snapdragon 720, 730. So it's kind of awesome for 255.00

              More variants are soon to be added in the Realme X50 army as per the latest leaks, including Realme X50T and Realme X50M. Why you do this realme, why?

                Newly come brands like Realme can never learn weight control of their phones. Who wants to wield a 200 gms phone?

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                  • Thorjakkaz
                  • sxs
                  • 30 May 2020

                  I don't know if I should bring my k30 5g??

                    digitaldevil, 22 May 2020x50 has telephoto with autofocus and selfie ultra , while ... moreHuh didn't notice that before.

                      joe nodden, 28 Mar 2020Nothing really except the RAM and storage for the price. x50 has telephoto with autofocus and selfie ultra , while k30 got stupid useless depth

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                        • Darko.S
                        • 3V9
                        • 16 May 2020

                        Can it be used across Europe on 4G network ?

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                          • uBP
                          • 10 May 2020

                          AnonD-914486, 19 Feb 2020This is a bad imitation of Redmi K30 5G :-(Really? The Redmi K30 has an optical zoom lens and SD765?

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                            • KG
                            • KSf
                            • 23 Apr 2020

                            I dont see the antenna bands on the sides / top / bottom...Is it really the aluminum framed??

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                              • I@H
                              • 17 Apr 2020

                              j, 09 Apr 2020buy the redmi k30 5g for the larger display, MIUI, and slig... moreNo refresh rate

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                                • i8j
                                • 15 Apr 2020

                                Bigdot, 14 Apr 2020Is SD 765 5G same as SD 720No its much more powerful and it has 5g

                                  Anonymous, 07 Apr 2020This is basically the 6 Pro with 5G connectivity.Is SD 765 5G same as SD 720

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                                    • Kg{
                                    • 09 Apr 2020

                                    Dric from ph, 08 Apr 2020I can't decide which phone should i ask my parents to buy :... morebuy the redmi k30 5g for the larger display, MIUI, and slightly bigger battery OR the x50 5g for its higher resolution selfie and rear macro cameras

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                                      • Dric from ph
                                      • vx6
                                      • 08 Apr 2020

                                      I can't decide which phone should i ask my parents to buy :( Please help me decide....from Realme X50 or Redm K30 5G.

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                                        • I@H
                                        • 07 Apr 2020

                                        This is basically the 6 Pro with 5G connectivity.