Realme's next fast charging tech might be called SUPERDART

Victor, 28 December 2019

The battle for ultimate phone fast charging supremacy has always been around, though never really on quite the scale as it is raging right now. Currently, the title is held by Oppo and the Reno Ace, with its 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 Flash Charge tech, capable of getting the 4,000 mAh from zero to full in 30 minutes. However, Xiaomi, among others, might already by on track to best that, potentially with the upcoming Mi 10 flagship line and specifically a 66W (11V, 6A) charger, it certified recently.

The latter Xiaomi 66W retail product, however, is said to actually be a variant of a whopping 100W wired charging tech the company demoed back in March. Apparently, 66W is all Xiaomi is currently ready to push to actual users. But with 100W already proven to theoretically work, the race is definitely on. It's Oppo's move now and by the looks of things, the current champion will be fighting for its title. Or at least that's what we heard from the rumor mill in relation to the newly spotted SUPERDART trademark.

The latter seems to be getting patented by Realme at the moment, so we can't really say for sure where we will see the tech pop-up first or under what marketing name. According to reliable industry insider Mukul Sharma, however, SUPERDART and the tech behind it are a direct response to Xiaomi's 100W charging solution. And speaking of quick charging, we're not entirely sure where vivo's 120W Super FlashCharge, announced back in June fits into all of this and how far along it is in development.

We'll definitely be keeping an eye on these developments, but in the meantime, you can share your thoughts on the recent rapid expanse in mobile charging. Do you like and/or appreciate it? Or do you have certain concerns and reservations?



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  • Anonymous
  • 03 Jan 2020
  • nbW

more like superhot lmao

I am using my Note 10 plus slow wireless charging, while keep fast charging on for wired, because in this case it's more of an emergency. The 45W is nothing but a scam that everyone is hush hushing about. I was plaged since my first smart device with...

they also can use other alternative, something like dual batteries , so we use 2 chargers at the same time ,combo with fast charger 60W

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