Realme's version of Apple's Dynamic Island shown in leaked images

Vlad, 23 February 2023

Ever since Apple introduced the Dynamic Island concept to its iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max back in September, the clock started ticking. Admit it - we've all been waiting anxiously, with bated breath, to find out how quickly an Android device maker would ape the feature. And what company would win this dubious race.

Today, courtesy of some leaked images coming from internal company documents, we know it's Realme. The Oppo spinoff/offshoot/sub-brand/whatever it wants to call itself this week is apparently hard at work cloning - no, we mean, getting inspired by - Apple's homework. Err, Dynamic Island.

Realme's version of Apple's Dynamic Island shown in leaked images

You can see it in the images above and below. This phone may apparently launch at MWC next week, beating Huawei to the Dynamic Island punch. The device in question could belong to the entry-level C series, as Realme CEO Madhav Sheth has previously hinted at including a pill-like camera cutout on such a handset.

Realme's version of Apple's Dynamic Island shown in leaked images

A cursory look reveals that Realme's island is wider than Apple's, but functions may be very similar. As you can see, SuperVOOC charging is currently being shown on the island. Here's a leaked GIF of it in action:

It's still unclear whether third party apps will somehow be able to access Realme's island, but don't be surprised if the answer is no and all we get are system-level things like charging, media switching, that sort of thing.



Reader comments

It's not our problem if you bought an $80 Android phone and complaining it crash every time and keep comparing it with your $1000 iPhone.

  • Gnusmas
  • 02 Mar 2023
  • nrN

I don't like it, i hope there will be an option to disable it completely. We don't need Apple problem solution on Android where most smartphones have little punch hole.

I don't think the millions of people buying the iPhone 14 pro/ pro max cares.

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