Realme Buds are just $7, offer bass-heavy sound and braided Kevlar

Peter, 28 November 2018

Realme unveiled its first headphones alongside the Realme U1 selfie phone. The headphones are wired and end on a 3.5mm jack, making them compatible with all of the brand’s phones as well as the few models from other brands that still have an analog port.

Realme Earbuds Braided Kevlar sleeve for a durable cable and 3-button remote
Realme Earbuds • Braided Kevlar sleeve for a durable cable and 3-button remote

The Realme Buds have been optimized for bass-heavy audio – the 11mm drivers promise 160% more bass compared to average headphones with 10mm drivers. That plays into the “proud to be young” image of the company and the gray and yellow colors matches the new look as well.

The buds cost just INR 500 ($7/€6.30), but feature a braided Kevlar sleeve to make the cable more durable. Magnets on the buds themselves allow you to snap them together around your neck when not using them and not worry about them slipping off.

The Realme Buds have a three-button remote to control audio and playback, but you can also summon the Google Assistant with them (not a unique feature, but many Bluetooth headsets boast about this).

Some details for headphone geeks: 11mm drivers, 32Ω impedance, 106dB SPL, range 20-20,000Hz, copper-clad aluminum coils.



Reader comments

  • samarth 808 n8
  • 30 Nov 2018
  • uuh

Type C earphone is impossible in this price range I think.... A type-C requires a DAP to be built in the earphone. Digital Audio Processor is responsible for digital to analog conversion, and its not cheap. Its like a mini computer in itself. ...

  • Samarth n8 808
  • 30 Nov 2018
  • uuh

Guys, I have check the source link, I've logged in, but I can't find the "BUY" option... A friend of mine even created an Oppo ID. Does it mean this earphone is not launched yet?

I will next time. Apologies.

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