Red Magic 6 Pro's 120W charging demoed on video, ends up faster than expected

Michail, 05 March 2021

Yesterday we saw the debut of nubia’s Red Magic 6 and 6 Pro gaming phones. The vanilla model comes with 65W fast charging while the Pro goes up to the ludicrous 120W mark which nubia claims it can do a full 0 to 100% charge in 17 just minutes. We now we have a demo video to see a real-world test thanks to Chinese blogger Zhong Wenze who timed how long it would take to charge the Red Magic 6 to 100%.

At the start of the video we can clearly see the phone holds a 3% charge. It quickly manages to go to 4% in just 10 seconds and then jumps to 15% after a minute on the 120W GaN (Gallium nitride) charger. Five minutes in and the Red Magic 6 Pro was at the 56% and fast forward by another 7 minutes the phone was sitting at 100%. That makes 12 minutes and 7 seconds for a 100% charge.

Obviously, this is not a scientific test but it does help us get a feel of how fast 120W charging actually is. On a side note, it would be interesting to see how hot the phone gets while charging at these speeds.

Source (in Chinese)


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People who buy good quality phones use them longer than 2 years.

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