Redmi 8A stops by TENAA, images in tow

Ro, 11 September 2019

The Redmi Note 8 and Note 8 Pro are out in the wild now but the budget offering from the series, the Redmi 8 and Redmi 8A are yet to be announced. And it appears that the latter is pretty close to launch judging by the TENAA listing.

Redmi 8A from all sides Redmi 8A from all sides Redmi 8A from all sides Redmi 8A from all sides
Redmi 8A from all sides

The listing is still incomplete and lacks any detail surrounding the phone except for a couple of images. This means that the handset will go through the full certification process real soon, which in turn indicates that the device is inching closer to launch.

The images themselves aren't all that revealing. We can say that there will be a tiny notch, metal or plastic back panel, all the buttons on the right side and a small camera bump housing the lone sensor.

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You mean how the LG G8 can unlock by showing your hand in front of the display and it scans for your veins? Face unlock is better.

Adding 10mm does not consume 1000mAh more what do you mean? Its either make the phone thicker or make the phone taller. I'm fine with both. As long as its not wider.

  • Anonymous

from 146.3 to 156.3 & increasing the battery to 5000 u add 10mm to the phone and make the phone taller from other side u add 1000mah battery to it this battery increasing its completely useless, bcuz this 10mm adding, consume the 10...