Redmi introduces 300W fast charging which fills a phone battery in 5 minutes

Redmi announced 300W fast-charging technology just four months after being the first brand to surpass the 200W threshold. The Xiaomi subsidiary revealed a phone can charge from 0 to 100% in under five minutes, and later followed with a video, shedding more details on the technology.

The brand used a modified Redmi Note 12 Discovery smartphone with a 4,100 mAh battery (the original version has a dual 4,300 mAh cell) in a controlled environment. It took 2 minutes 11 seconds for the device to reach 50%, and just shy of five minutes the battery was at 100%.

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Interestingly enough, even if the video comes straight from Redmi’s Weibo account, the 300W claim falls just short. The smartphone reaches 290W for about three seconds before returning to less powerful (but still mightly impressive) charging rates - 300W is the theoretical max the charger and the battery can reach, but the device is capping out for safety reasons.

The adapter itself comes with Double GaN technology and has “more than 50 safety protections” but still retains a small size, Redmi said. What the Xiaomi brand did not say is when we’ll see an actual smartphone with the technology hit the open market.

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In other words pointless and unreliable

Chinese companies are way more advanced in batteries than apple or samsung which enabled these crazy charging speeds.

It seems that you've missed the point entirely... Let me clarify that electric cars were brought up as an example of how battery technology is advancing and evolving, not as a means of proving any particular point. The discussion isn'...