Redmi introduces 300W fast charging which fills a phone battery in 5 minutes

28 February 2023
A phone can charge from 0 to 100% in five minutes, says the Xiaomi brand.

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  • 14 Aug 2023

ASUSBOY9823, 24 Mar 2023Chinese companies are way more advanced in batteries than a... moreIn other words pointless and unreliable

    Anonymous, 15 Mar 2023Pointless speed. Longer lasting battery is the way to go. Chinese companies are way more advanced in batteries than apple or samsung which enabled these crazy charging speeds.

      Cyberchum, 14 Mar 2023"As battery capacity continues to increase" from ... moreIt seems that you've missed the point entirely...

      Let me clarify that electric cars were brought up as an example of how battery technology is advancing and evolving, not as a means of proving any particular point. The discussion isn't about how much battery capacity has increased over the past five years, but rather the potential for future advancements in battery technology. Electric cars are an example of how batteries are being developed and improved upon for larger-scale applications.

      As for the relevance of electric cars to the smartphone charging discussion, it's quite simple: both rely on battery technology. It's important to consider the advancements made in other fields and how they can influence and drive innovation in the smartphone industry. For example if solid-state batteries can be scaled up to meet the energy demands of electric cars, it is possible that they could also be adapted for use in smartphones.

      Someone with even a sliver of wisdom would realize how interrelated these two fields are, but it appears all you are trying to do is deflect and avoid addressing the original point made. I guess listening is not your forte, hm?

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        • 15 Mar 2023

        Pointless speed. Longer lasting battery is the way to go.

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          • 14 Mar 2023

          NeonHD, 13 Mar 2023For once I agree with you. It's going to be a massive ... moreWell thats exact.
          Since time is money faster is always better.
          Just dont understand people they dont live this way.
          They have millions to spend on unreasonable devices but the most precious element of life they just dont care. And thats a time which nobody can buy.

            NeonHD, 13 Mar 2023While it may be true that current battery technology may no... more"As battery capacity continues to increase" from where to where since the last five years? From where to where since we first had phones capable of charging at ~20W? What's the average battery capacity then? What's the average battery capacity now?

            The fact you had to bring electric cars into this in the hope that it'd offer some validity to your argument says a lot and why it's pointless engaging you. Sorry bud, this has absolutely nothing to do with electric cars. You'd not have had a tiny chance of responding to my comment if it has.

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              • 14 Mar 2023

              Anonymous, 28 Feb 2023it was only comparison how people were saying in the past t... moreFirst of all that comparison was apple to apple. Previously more ram wasn't needed that's why they used to tell like it. And for today people will still say we don't need 18 gigs of ram but a better ram management. Even for pc 16 gigs of ram was needed since a long time and still relatable today for daily gaming and non ram intensive workloads. And the reduction of higher numbers of level 2 arc memory due to efficient use of level of 1 arc memory nowadays.

                Cyberchum, 03 Mar 2023One challenge: point out where I said that it is useless. I... moreWhile it may be true that current battery technology may not fully take advantage of the 300W charging speeds, it's important to consider the direction that battery technology is heading. As battery capacity continues to increase, faster charging speeds will become increasingly important to users. In addition, as more devices become powered by batteries, such as electric cars, the demand for faster charging technology will also increase.

                While it may only save a few minutes of charging time for a single device, when scaled up to an entire population of smartphone users, that time savings can add up to significant amounts of time saved overall. In a world where time is becoming an increasingly valuable resource, any improvement in efficiency is worth considering.

                Innovation and progress are driven by pushing the boundaries and exploring new possibilities. Just because something may not be necessary or useful in the present moment, doesn't mean it won't be in the future. By developing and introducing 300W charging technology, we are opening up new possibilities for the future of battery technology.

                Who knows, maybe in the future we'll look back and laugh at how excited we were about 120W charging when we have phones that can charge in seconds.

                  Cyberchum, 28 Feb 2023Red herring. This isn't about phones taking 1-2 hours ... moreThe issue is not solely about the duration, but also about the stagnation of technological advancements. As technology has improved over the years, it is reasonable to expect faster charging times, not longer ones. Additionally, longer charging times are inefficient, inconvenient, and detrimental to both the battery's lifespan and the environment. Therefore, it is necessary to strive for faster charging times, rather than settling for longer ones.

                  These are objective reasons why longer charging times are a cause for concern, regardless of subjective opinions. So why are we settling for longer charging times when we know that the technology is capable of faster charging?

                    Cyberchum, 28 Feb 2023Really? I bet that, to you, 1000W will be necessary still, ... moreLol. Madness? White elephant? I'm afraid your rhetoric is as outdated as a flip phone. It's time to embrace the future and recognize that rapid charging is an essential component of smartphone technology.

                    Think about it - in today's fast-paced world, who has time to wait around for hours for their phone to charge? With 300W fast charging, we can get back to our busy lives in just a matter of minutes. And let's not forget about the environmental benefits - if we can fully charge our phones in five minutes, we can reduce the amount of time spent charging, which ultimately reduces the amount of energy we consume.

                    Yes, perhaps in the future we'll actually have a need for 1000W fast charging to keep up with the demands of our increasingly connected world. But that's the beauty of progress - it never stops. Just because we can't conceive of a need for 1000W fast charging now, let alone 300W, doesn't mean it won't be a necessity in the future.

                    Let's not forget and be afraid of progress.

                      Cyberchum, 28 Feb 2023Your RAM analogy is incredibly flawed. RAM stores data for ... moreDo you really not understand the general point that the person is making? It's like explaining the mechanics of a car engine to someone who just wants to know if they can get from point A to point B. But hey, I guess we can all be a bit pedantic sometimes. Cheers to being technically right, I suppose.

                        Anonymous, 28 Feb 2023Wireless is Fraud bro, too much energy is wasted as heat. ... moreThat's simply misguided thinking. While it's true that wireless charging can be less efficient than wired charging, it's not fair to dismiss it as fraudulent without considering the significant improvements in efficiency that have been made in recent years.

                        Yes, it's true that early wireless charging technologies may have had an efficiency of only around 15%, but newer systems are capable of achieving efficiencies of up to 80% or more. And let's not forget the convenience factor of wireless charging, which allows users to simply place their device on a charging pad without having to fuss with wires and cables.

                        Environmental considerations also play a role. While some energy is lost as heat in the wireless charging process, using wireless charging can still be more environmentally friendly than wired charging in certain cases. For example, if you're using a renewable energy source like solar power to charge your devices, it may be more efficient to use wireless charging since it can reduce the amount of energy lost in the charging process.

                        So, while it's true that wired charging may be more efficient in some situations, it's simply not fair to write off wireless charging altogether as a fraud. The technology has come a long way, and with continued improvements, it could become a viable alternative to traditional wired charging.

                          AnonD-731363, 28 Feb 2023I bet in 10 years from now the 300W will sounds like today ... moreFor once I agree with you. It's going to be a massive paradigm shift down in the long road, thanks to advancements in GaN tech.

                          The concept of "waiting" for your phone to charge is gonna be obsolete, it'll be as fast as filling a cup with water.

                            As cliché as this sounds, I can imagine this being the future where "waiting" for your phone to charge is no longer a thing.

                            I can just imagine it being like those sci-fi movies, where the battery fills up as quickly as pouring water into a glass.

                            We're definitely gonna have a paradigm shift within the next decade or two.

                              NP, 28 Feb 2023That'll make the device bulky & heavy, as well as ... moreMost smartphone today around 190-200gr, 7000mAh around 220gr, thats around 10~15% more weight than average smartphone... my Mi Max 3 from 2018 can squeze 5500mAh with only 8mm thicness, average smartphone today had only 5000mAh with thickness 9mm...

                                Onanymaus, 03 Mar 2023The major flaw in your argument is its only you and some pe... moreOne challenge: point out where I said that it is useless. I dare you! Unnecessary≠useless. Alongside being unnecessary, it is very little use in the current smartphone battery tech. More than 95% of phones have less than 6000mAh, duh. Average capacity would even be more than 5500mAh. In no way is 300W either necessary or very useful for that.

                                That aside, you don't seem to have an idea what it means for there to be a flaw in an argument. Even if one person says something, it won't inherently make it a flaw. I mean, there's actually a fallacy in logic known as appeal to popularity.

                                "To be deemed white elephant, the 300W have to be forced upon the public and the public are forced to pay for it."

                                You just regurgitated what I've already soundly invalidated. Sorry to burst your bubble, a thing doesn't have to be forced for it to qualify as a white elephant.

                                  Cyberchum, 01 Mar 2023White elephant from Merriam Webster dictionary (second entr... moreThe major flaw in your argument is its only you and some people who deem the 300W as useless. The same bunch of people that back in 2020 deemed that 120W was useless and even further back in time when Samsung 45W also deemed unnecessary.

                                  You seem unable to wrap your head around the idea that its better to have more options. You keep arguing like users will be forced to use fast charging, while in reality users always have a choice.

                                  To be deemed white elephant, the 300W have to be forced upon the public and the public are forced to pay for it. Unfortunately for your argument, the public always have a choice. Unlike other OEMs, the 300W charger will be included in the box and users can choose to use it or not.

                                    Fast charging is always an option. Use it if you want.

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                                      SuperSpruce, 02 Mar 2023I'm all for innovation, but this is getting ridiculous... moreIncreasing some numbers each and there is not innovation.
                                      This is just the Chinese approach, bigger is better.
                                      They should focus on making the phones more optimized and capable of more SoT, rather than just increase numbers. Also, they should focus in giving better/faster/longer software updates.

                                        Nowadays phones getting ridiculous battery size and charging speed while laptops are stuck with low cells 😂😂😂
                                        It would be easy to fit 18kMah on a laptop if you consider a phone's sized cell 😏