Apple iPad Air review: Sun and heir

9 November 2013
It’s been tempting lately to conclude that Apple doesn’t have it anymore, and tablets in particular is where Cupertino does need to silence the prophets of doom and gloom after an iPad 4 that was more like a 3.1 and a mini that should’ve...

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  • Anonymous

Support aim or not

  • aung

can use sim

  • Anonymous

AnonD-175233, 23 Nov 2013iTunes is trash. Period.No. Period.


If the screen broke, is there available screen in the market to have it replace??

  • AnonD-82480

It's an even better buying option than Air 2 at this moment,for the price its being offered.Though I feel Apple shall introduce front facing stereo speakers from their next generation.

  • Murrali

I hear that Apple plans to manufacture ipad plus.i will give a great idea to Apple company.i am a well wishers. Don't make the iPad thinner. Because it's difficult to handle. I advice that to make thicker nearly 22mm and give it like frame. Example acer led 13 inch led monitor type structure.

  • Anonymous

Stoiks, 21 Nov 2013Apple will never get my $$$ until: * OS is opened up with ... moreFunny thing how every important business tablet of choice are iPads

  • Omid12

Hi,dears.Gsm expert in its review comment has written the best perfect analogy of device!I just can add to it for an increase storage to each one that in the market the best 16gb memory costs only$12,32gb $25,64gb $40,and125gb $60!Why a person must pay$500 for the no unjust unfair difference!!!?A day that smart apple changed its unfair smart imposed cleverly deadEnd policy hopefully,I write about its good design,performance,features and other qualities wholeheartedly!A sudden teaser spm comes:"unsupported content"!?I want to add that I believe and trust honest gsm and no powerful brand can buy it or bribe it not to write the facts or give money that facts being prevented to be written!I trust it as an independable not buyable entity!Just good facts makes you calm!I hope and wish a revelutionery change and success in proud apple to be adaptable to the time !!!?

  • AnonD-175233

iTunes is trash. Period.

  • shahid

World miracle brand

  • Stoiks

Apple will never get my $$$ until:
* OS is opened up with a file browser
* Mount the hard drive to any PC with normal USB without bullshit iTunes getting in the way
* Introduce a decent email client where I can send multiple and varied attachments on a single email.

iPads are useless in a business environment and I need a tablet that is more than just a toy..end of story.

  • Fpks

Hands on review. Very Light & Extreme performance widout anyy lags. Plays almost anything ud love to! In terms of Tabs, Air is second to none. Simply Go for !t

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Nov 2013very very disappointing. i prefer ios 6Why?Because of lags?

  • AnonD-206508

i tried the ipad air at a showroom. as i anticipated,it is difficult to be held vertically. this is the most desirable feature of ipad for me,i.e. its 4/3 aspect ratio. i can browse websites vertically in one hand. but the thin side bezels makes the thing difficult to be held firmly without blocking the screen a bit by your finger, given its still quite a heavy pad. for this reason, i will stay with my samsung tab for sometime longer. i am thinking of getting the ipad mini 2, for i am feeling better to hold it in landscape than portrait with ipad air.

  • Anonymous

yup, 15 Nov 2013Finally the design I was waiting for. Unfortunately ive bee... morevery very disappointing. i prefer ios 6

  • Anonymous

You're right. Apple doesn't have it anymore

  • yup

Finally the design I was waiting for. Unfortunately ive been spoiled by Android tablet/phablets deminsions and portability. Ipad mini will satisfy my needs moving foward. Great hardware update for the apple eco system. Disappointing interface which I will have to bare.

  • Anonymous

Chupacabra, 14 Nov 20131GB DRAM is deficient and causes low memory crashes. Look ... moreNote 3 is phablet and alot smaller than iPad.Compare tablets with tablets,not tablets with phablets.

  • Chupacabra

Anonymous, 14 Nov 2013When the performance is amazing,why do you want more ram?1GB DRAM is deficient and causes low memory crashes. Look here on official Apple forum:

And, performance isn't amazing because it's slower than Note 3 phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Nov 2013Why do people here hate Apple so much?? If you don't like t... moreWhy hate?hmmmmm look here: