Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 review: Minor league

18 November 2013
The Galaxy Ace 3 arrives as Samsung's latest entry into the popular affordable Ace lineup, and targets cost conscious buyers with a competitive Android version and variants which include a vanilla 3G version and either dual SIM support or LTE...

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  • Anonymous

My friend bought one new today from a small independent high street London is a very poor phone.the storage on it is diabolical.after just downloading 3.apps on to it.nothing stated that we could not use those apps because there was not enough storage? Even after then buying a 4gb memory card for still said the same?? We are taking it back to get a not buy one of these phones!

  • redstarbgd

AnonD-293819, 13 Aug 2014Very lagging? why? I use this phone 3G version, it's good. wit... morecould not agree more.

why doea it lag so much? im aaking myself the same question. even with a solid network it tends to stop responding in the process of loading a simple web page. very much regret buying this thing its only good for giving me a hard time been stuck.

  • jbliz

I wish I could have LTE Duos.

  • Very nice

I have had this phone for 6 mths now and I love it. It is a way cheaper version of a S3 & S4, it has almost all the same features but just a bit smaller. My only regret is that I didn't get it in white. I sold it recently (doing so broke my heart) & honestly when I am ready to buy back a smart phone this is the 1 I want! In white of course......

  • krys

Slushi, 25 Mar 2014Does the reject list block somebody from texting me as well as c... moreThe only way to block someone from texting you is to call your provider and purchase a smart plan package.. just went thru this a few months back

  • AnonD-334979

very nice gadged Samsung Galaxy Ace

  • AnonD-325255

When else in upgrades to the kitkat

  • weak screen

The Samsung ace 3 has a very weak screen that shatters when dropped from low heights (under 1 metre). Everything else is good but they're only as strong as the weakest link, which in this case is the screen! Always been a Samsung fan but not any more! Very dissatisfied customer!!

  • Coryciax

I'll buy the phone !

  • AnonD-293819

Ken, 07 Jan 2014Very laggy phone! Frustration....Very lagging?
I use this phone 3G version, it's good. with 1 Gb ram, no problem.
I use for social media apps, HD game, and many application.

  • AnonD-259917

AnonD-209186, 24 Nov 2013I have purchased Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Duos and using it for one ... morePls where is ur country?

  • AnonD-259917

Ken, 07 Jan 2014Very laggy phone! Frustration....Very good phone guy

  • Slushi

Does the reject list block somebody from texting me as well as calling me? Or does the reject list just stop someone from calling me? If so, anyone know how to block someone from texting me?

  • kim

Ilike this

  • summit

Does ace 3 s7375 have easy settings in choosing home menu?

  • jagan

Samsung galaxy ACE3 its a verry good phone.its warking verry frist & i like this phone.thanks for samsung company,thanks lot.

  • moiz

The best phone of samsung ever I have seen

  • Ken

Very laggy phone! Frustration....

  • bickbick

It's very very very good
Congratulations Samsung

  • Anonymous

htc sensation xe has 48 fps from nenamark 2, it was 23 in Android 2.3 after 4.0 update it became 48