Nokia 515 review: Time machine

20 November 2013
They certainly don’t make them like that anymore. Been a while though and we’re not sure if this is a compliment. It’s been long enough since speed dial was invented. And T9 predictive text. Or color displays. So, what’s the Nokia 515 doing here...

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  • iEH
  • 31 Aug 2023

better then alon of phones

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    • Anonymous
    • gAn
    • 15 Jul 2020

    Nokia freak , 31 May 2020Can i take calls and send messages with this phone when i h... moreWhat do you mean? Both SIM cards work together

      • N
      • Nokia freak
      • Tun
      • 31 May 2020

      Can i take calls and send messages with this phone when i have Dual sim or do i need to switch simcards all the time.?

      I want to be connected to 2 simcards all the time so People can call me. Plz answer.

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        • Toufiq
        • X$R
        • 19 Sep 2016

        The price is a bit higher

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          • Anonymous
          • N7D
          • 04 Jul 2016

          AnonD-217916, 27 Jan 2015Does it have whatsappYes,it has

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            • bubbles46
            • 3Si
            • 07 Oct 2015

            I have a Nomia 515. Its telling me my Whatsapp needs to be updated but when i click on Update it says Service not Available. How to fix??

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              • AnonD-418303
              • PUj
              • 17 Jul 2015

              LG, 09 Jan 2014A friend working at Nokia told me the phone was doing OK in... morehow about using your phone as a 3G modem via bluetooth?

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                • Richard
                • t7@
                • 11 Apr 2015

                Does this phone has a feature to create playlist for musics?

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                  • qazi
                  • 6Qj
                  • 03 Apr 2015

                  nk, 14 Feb 2014Totly wastage of mony.poor battery backupabsoulutly right,button problm in this phone

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                    • AnonD-217916
                    • fuf
                    • 27 Jan 2015

                    Does it have whatsapp

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                      • Indy
                      • v{u
                      • 25 Jan 2015

                      Can we use viber and what's app???
                      Please help me

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                        • AnonD-330651
                        • rKT
                        • 13 Nov 2014

                        does Nokia 515 support the PDF file?

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                          • Anonymous
                          • XMP
                          • 27 Oct 2014

                          What people want nowsaday is : using a phone with all in one features. Nokia 515 is good but it will be very good if it has wifi and more mega pixels camera ( 8-12 MP) .
                          Nokia can produce any kind of phone but Nokia should follow the users's opinion and provide choices to Nokia's costomers. I do not think that Nokia reproduce such kind of this phone with high specs. in the future or not ? because of Lumia / Microsoft.
                          From Nokia lover.

                            • j
                            • john kigoh
                            • N7D
                            • 23 Sep 2014

                            I want that phone 515 in black colour send to me in kenya at nokia center

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                              • AnonD-261187
                              • nqL
                              • 06 May 2014

                              I love this phone.
                              My only complaint is that it is incompatible with both Nokia Suite AND Nokia PC Suite, which is incomprehensible. You can actually connect it with the old Nokia PC Suite but only in “modem mode” (a PC can use its internal modem to connect to the Internet, which is neat…), but not any other synching tasks. A shame… :-(

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                                • not happy
                                • n$s
                                • 07 Mar 2014

                                Just got one too days ago, battery lasting 8 hours made 4 phone calls lasting 10 mins WTF crap. dont waste your money

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                                  • Add web settings?
                                  • iL%
                                  • 05 Mar 2014

                                  I have a unlocked nokia 515 from o2 but I cannot get the web to work on it with virgin, does anyone know how to add them and what I need to add?

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                                    • nk
                                    • ut5
                                    • 14 Feb 2014

                                    Totly wastage of mony.poor battery backup

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                                      • Taaha
                                      • PEq
                                      • 11 Jan 2014

                                      Take the price down and bring it in Bangladesh. And publish it.and it will creat a new record of selling phone.

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                                        • LG
                                        • NQb
                                        • 09 Jan 2014

                                        A friend working at Nokia told me the phone was doing OK in Europe and great in Russia. Their biggest mistake was to not include the WiFi as most people interested in this product are actually using a tablet as their smart device and would like to use their phone as a 3g WiFi hotspot.
                                        Personally, it makes very much sense to me to have a phone that is compact, pretty, with great call quality and 4 days battery while using a tablet for more advanced features. If you think about it; the iphone is just an ipad with a useless screen (and battery life) while the ipad is an iphone that is useless when making phone calls! Why not buy this phone and enjoy the best of both worlds without redundancy...