Nokia 515 review: Time machine

20 November 2013
They certainly don’t make them like that anymore. Been a while though and we’re not sure if this is a compliment. It’s been long enough since speed dial was invented. And T9 predictive text. Or color displays. So, what’s the Nokia 515 doing here...

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  • g
  • gautam
  • utQ
  • 03 Jan 2014

it must have gps , led flash also work as torch and front camera also.... and compare to nokia c5 it is so much expensive so reduce the rate with all these will boom the market..

    • e
    • escape mars
    • vaN
    • 02 Jan 2014

    nirce phone but best my nokia 6120 c

      • J
      • Jon Roz
      • mHs
      • 31 Dec 2013

      The dual sim version of this phone might just hit an open goal gap in the market IF only it can be used as a Wifi Hot spot? - but finding out whether it can seems impossible as no one on the UK high street stocks it. Can anyone answer this? I'll buy this like a shot if I can tether it to a WiFi tablet. What I require is a small pocket sized phone I can operate single handed and with my eyes shut and a separate large tablet for looking at e mails and other software. I don't want a clumsy 'smartphone' crammed into my pocket - which in terms of size is a compromise for virtually every work related task. I spend a lot of time getting in an out of cars at work. If I get this Nokia 515 dual I'll have a nice big 10 inch wifi tablet in a car glove compartment safe from getting scratched and keep the Nokia 515 in my pocket, with various bits of sharp metal things like house keys and coins. I've never yet whilst walking around outside felt the need for access to U tube, face book, twitter etc and the other 1000 and one non work related apps.. So I really hope Nokia have finally realised what a lot of us actually need in the workplace Otherwise I'm off to buy my 2nd choice - an i phone 5s.

        • S
        • SHANKAR
        • vwe
        • 27 Dec 2013

        Thish Is Really Good Phone But Verry Hevy !!!!

          • v
          • vinod
          • uvj
          • 17 Dec 2013

          if nokia launch this phn with wifi hotspot .,then costmer going to mad to buying this lyk dream become true...
          and it provids more battery life with futured apps like fb,twtr,whtsup,viber.and many other..i just love it..!

            • D
            • AnonD-214959
            • w0@
            • 14 Dec 2013

            why don't you launch in s60 version??? it's not in comfortable price range.....

              • I
              • Inderjeet
              • bC2
              • 12 Dec 2013

              This is Really a Gud Phone .....

                • t
                • tech boy
                • U$4
                • 04 Dec 2013

                I like this phone but its a little bit expensive than others in this segment. And it have 3G network but it doesn't have a secondary camera that can be use to make video calls. But its a dependable and good looking one. And some of the main advantage that the others don't have in this type of phones is the cornering gorilla glass 2 and the face detection, panorama modes in the camera. Those who like to be simple are gonna like this phone.

                  • ?
                  • Anonymous
                  • 7qx
                  • 03 Dec 2013

                  Gorila glass and its broken in two days how to replace and whats the cost

                    • ?
                    • Anonymous
                    • Nv0
                    • 02 Dec 2013

                    This phone will overrun any phone when it comes to screen on battery life, with 3G...I want one...I miss the good old days...

                      • A
                      • AdamBoy64
                      • Fv4
                      • 02 Dec 2013

                      Anonymous, 30 Nov 2013I've been looking for a nice dual sim phone for my dad. So ... moreYes, and not just seniors, either.
                      I find the S40 featurephones far easier to use than any smartphone.

                        • ?
                        • Anonymous
                        • t78
                        • 30 Nov 2013

                        I've been looking for a nice dual sim phone for my dad. So glad nokia finally made one that isn't for teens. Not everyone wants a smartphone. This classic type phone is easier to use for seniors.

                          • c
                          • comfused
                          • pq@
                          • 29 Nov 2013

                          mazagngi2010, 27 Nov 2013hope that c5 5 miga comes with dual sim ,wi fi hot spot and... moreWhich phone are you talking about?

                            • m
                            • mazagngi2010
                            • Nkm
                            • 27 Nov 2013

                            hope that c5 5 miga comes with dual sim ,wi fi hot spot and gps
                            it will be dream mobile

                              • D
                              • AnonD-134749
                              • rJs
                              • 27 Nov 2013

                              LM1980, 22 Nov 2013Got this phone as a 2nd phone in case my iphone 5s ran out ... moreyou should use asha 501. i gave it to my sister. she every day say good about batter life. at the end of mid collge hrs most of her frnd batter comes to dead but her aaha 501 batter rocks. you can even last it a week with it

                                • N
                                • NOKMAN
                                • iIZ
                                • 27 Nov 2013

                                I still don’t understand the word "Smartphone". A phone is smart if it has AI in its core; which none of the phones seem to have. Essentially any phone is a dumb phone. From this point of view Nokia 515 is equally as dumb as any other phone. The only reason I bought this phone is it looks nice. Definitely looks better then any Samsung phone. And definitely better looking than any blackberry phones. Nokia you should have made this phone 10 years ago.

                                  • S
                                  • Simon
                                  • 7tH
                                  • 27 Nov 2013

                                  The most beautiful phone Nokia ever made......

                                    • z
                                    • zirri
                                    • bG1
                                    • 27 Nov 2013

                                    why wifi.. why speed dial..
                                    next 515. ok.
                                    this is simply phone, call and text with metal body. so dont ask wifi or facebook.. ok, next to find LG or ip v.v..

                                      • ?
                                      • Anonymous
                                      • P@1
                                      • 24 Nov 2013

                                      LM1980, 22 Nov 2013Got this phone as a 2nd phone in case my iphone 5s ran out ... moreYou can connect nokia and apple device with bluetooth? Really?

                                        • R
                                        • RealItyrules
                                        • rvf
                                        • 24 Nov 2013

                                        Nokia, tks for still giving us non-qwerty phones such as the 206, 208 and now 515. Many consumers in the main simply want to call and text using a comfortable and practically sized phone with additional features a bonus depending on individual needs but until the excellent 206 were forced to use smartphones. An ideal combo would be the inclusion of touchscreen ability. Also what about a "Slider" phone again aka the Communicator?