Nokia Lumia 1520 review: Finnish fable

20 December 2013
The Nokia Lumia 1520 is just like the rest of the premium Lumia smartphones we've seen, but bigger and faster. The advanced imaging and the custom app selection by Nokia will make the difference against Android phablets...

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Ezra Martin, 22 Sep 2018how can I get that phone? I'm here at Tanzania Hi, I just bought one on

  • Ezra Martin

Amlan jyoti pegu, 24 May 2016I really like this smartphonehow can I get that phone? I'm here at Tanzania

  • Mahyar

In my opinion 1520 has been designed for beyond 2020 and even then it will be one of the best phablet spesially with such a nice win10 operating system.having it with yourself you have always your business laptop with you including a powerful camera and a lot of other facilities you may need.thank microsoft

  • hajer

Why there is no snapchat And a lot of other apps in windows store?

  • Amlan jyoti pegu

I really like this smartphone

  • AnonD-540459

has been own this phone for more then a years,switch from android pretty good.
but now facing a mic problem i search its common problem i willing to keep on using it but to bad Microsoft has stop production the parts and i think i will looking for an android soon.

  • Anonymous

MNI, 06 Aug 2015I would address the same, too In practical usage Nokia lumia ... more Nokia Lumia best phones but service is too worst. No spare part available for 1520 crren.Customer policy also too bad.

  • MNI

Anonymous, 07 Feb 2014check this link out: moreI checked,

strongly agree :-)

  • MNI

AnonD-80200, 11 Oct 2014Is the sunlight legibility test done with assertive display mode... moreI would address the same, too

In practical usage Nokia lumia 1520 SCREEN is actually very legible in direct (summer) sunlight at noon!!!!.

I was surprised that GSMarena sunlight readability of the screen of this phone was "average", as said .

  • MNI

AnonD-23827, 12 Oct 2014Best phablet hands down. Mine is running 8.1.1 developer preview... moreI have a similar experience, I had note 8 N5100, I was exited and happy with S-pen at first, then I seldom used it. in the mean time, I had galaxy S3 and was using it as my primary phone. in short I gave note8 to my in-low as a graduation gift (seldom used, kept clean in original packaging) and then gave my S3 to a cousin as he lost his phone. honestly I can tell that with the above Samsung S3 and note8, there were too many attractive options that I rarely used and find it non productive in real life. then I got my I phone which is very good, reliable and productive. I used it for more than 6 month. then now I am using nokia lumia 1520, it is amazing phone, attracts attention, people always asking, in short....eye catching. hard ware is excellent, photos are very good, many options, good quality, better than other in low light, sunlight legibility is very good (in this review it is mention average, for me it is far above average!!!). only thing is that windows phone eco system needs some refinements which hopefully I will find in windows 10 mobile upgrade!!!

  • Jm

Do Nokia Lumia 1520 support USB OTG connection?

  • sai


  • omid46

Hi,dearest friends.Undoubtedly Nokia remained behind 4 masterpieces before saying final goodbye!Nokia 808 pure view,lumia1520,2520,1320 were the last memories from Nokia.According to the gsmAren,s complete review,Nokia 1520 is still one of the high end smartphones in design,features,performance and other superior qualities and having the chance to be upgraded to the window 10 OS.In short I prefer Nokia 1520 to some famous unsupported never unupgradable buy and go brands!!!Hopefully Microsoft continues unfinished incomplete works of Nokia with the most support,modifications,and care!Thanks factwriting GSM,Microsoft,Nokia and all of you.Justice Rights.

  • Anthony rebello

Hi I need to know if anyone as downloaded the new denim update for 1520?

  • Sudhi

I like this phone but few days ago my phn screen is brocken Is it possible to replace only the front glass because touch is working well pls give me answer

  • AnonD-23827

Shizzi, 23 Jan 2014I think Nokia and Microsoft do not understand the current market... moreBuy an android phone there are plenty WP is probably not for u I miss nothing from andriod oter than tv out. I love my 1520 not going back to android soon am coming from a note 8.0 and an s4 i9500

  • AnonD-23827

Best phablet hands down. Mine is running 8.1.1 developer previewand I can tell u its not the windows phone 8 that came with my 920. I dont lack any apps and the kids corner is A+. I have two friends with note 3's before I got this beast but was not impressed with the note 3 its like a big galaxy s4 also I gave up on Infrared port and remote control since windows mobile days. A happy L1520 customer. By the way sold my s4 i9500 after I bought this also hd a note 8.0 and hardly use the S pen.

  • AnonD-80200

Is the sunlight legibility test done with assertive display mode ?
how the sunlight contrast ratio is low for 1520 ?
Does anyone one know why the sunlight legibility test done by Gsmarena for Lumia 1520 gave low score though it has assertive display ?

  • AnonD-278126

Complete with Windows Phone 8.1

  • mosesking

Xxx, 24 Dec 2013Please stop comparing, it's window phone and Android. If want An... moreI agree with you. Android is Android while Windows is Windows. If any prefer Windows go for it and if Android go for it and there should not be comparison.