Nokia N73 vs. Samsung D900 vs. SE K800: Photo samples

07 August 2006
The three contenders in this article are some of the hottest phones on the market. Each of them has 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera and the logical question is - which one takes the best photos? We are now presenting you full resolution sample photos taken by team and we wont comment on the results. You are very welcome to post your opinion in the review comments section.

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  • Anonymous

is obvious the n73cam is better than the k800. Nokia n73 the best camera phone

  • kenny

have read no comments & this is my thoughts,,i certainly wont buy the d900 with that camera & feel the nokia won for me but i thought the k800 would have done a lot better..ITS a shame really as the screen & video are excelled on the d900.I feel the 3megapixel amount is enuf now for me even tho a 5mp can is on the way,,they shud concentrate on the lens,,reducing noise,,shutter lag & good solid flash

  • MR.COOL/SupraSkyline

hahahhaa, samsung fanboys got owned. se and nokia rulez.

  • Anonymous

take that sony ericsson fans!! NOKIA WON!!!! yay yay

  • Anonymous

for some who don't know abt photography, they think N73 is good, infact, nokia use enhanced color rendering to the photo and photos come out more colorful than what it should be.
anyway, all 3 phs are ok to print 4R size photo.

  • Anonymous

I don't know what version of firmware that you use for review. But camera quality of K800i is very bad.

My K800i can perform much better than this and the firmware version is CXC1250214 R1CB001 060608.

  • Lan

All in all, SE K800 is best overall. most obvious in the purple flower picture. K800 renders the water on the flower the best.

  • Anonymous

Now it seems that some SE fans are bitter abt the fact that the N73 is better than K800i.

It's funny to take internal memory and the threat of virus to support for K800i. They're not the point here.

And remember that Symbyan IS an advantage, without it, the phone is just so boring. The speed of N73 is much faster due to better CPU.

For the xenon Flash, sometimes it is better than LED flash but sometimes it's not. Can u see anything to take the picture in the dark without the help of LED flash ???

Sorry SE, but this time Nokia really rules !

  • ForGave

Obviously..N73 rules.

  • dolphy

Sound Quality
The sound quality is very obvious that k800 beaten up n73. The sharpness of it and the clarity of the sound... is amazing! Must say SE has the best sound quality

Internal Memory
Its internal memory is much larger than n73. But yes, you guys might say its unless since both support memory card. But well, system files will be stored in phone memory if any installation is done

Xenon Flash
With this, night mode pictures will be clear and nice. Just like a digital camera outside in the market. Red eye support and this makes the picture more natural and original (color)

It has its own advantages as well. One of it that beats k800 is that it is a symbian phone. So, all cool application can be installed here and not k800i. But remember, all symbian phone somehow lose in processing speed (start-up,loading...etc). Its very slow especially when you have like more than 500MB space taken up in your phone. This wont happen in k800i and what is the best is... no virus can attack k800i phone. Because it is not a symbian phone!

SE support

  • Anonymous

N73 is better than K800i followed by D900.
1. N73
2. K800i
3. D900

  • abc

Guess what, the N73 & K790i price in my country is exactly the same and the K800i is a little bit higher.

With better camera, Symbyan 9.0, 3D sterio speaker, better design and many more not to mention cheaper price, certainly i'll go for N73.
Forget abt the K800i. Sorry SE
N73 rules !

  • Daniel

Yes, Nokia is certainly the best, followed by K800.

D900 is really weak. The camera is really bad.

  • Hayena

I knew it.. N73 is better! This time nokia had really improved their camera.. N73 is the best! Bravo Nokia!!! ^_^

  • Davidsic

Sometimes it's the N73, sometimes it's the K800i (D900 isn't very good)

I thing the K800i is more natural for the colors. The N73 produce too much contrast and the K800i not enough !

The xenon flash is naturaly a advantage.

  • Anonymous

hi all... well.. i think tt N73 rocKs man... te pic are more clearer den se n smasung... te pic colour are more lively and sharper.. gd job from nokia.. Symbian + 3.2Carl Tessar lens.. gET ready To kiCk somE aSs ~ ! ! ! !

  • Anonymous

the first time nokia makes a great camera !!

SE cams ruled in the past
N73 the only,the first from nokia to rule


  • abc

In all conditions, N73 is sharper, more detail and the colour is more natural than the other two K800i and D900.
Where are all the SE fan ??? U were very excited when the K800i is a little bit better than the N93 right? Remember that the real competitior of K800i is the N73, and there's no way for K800i to win. What a pity

  • abc

N73 is the best for sure, following is K800i and D900is the last one.
Cheers Nokia