Nokia N73 vs. Samsung D900 vs. SE K800: Photo samples

07 August 2006
The three contenders in this article are some of the hottest phones on the market. Each of them has 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera and the logical question is - which one takes the best photos? We are now presenting you full resolution sample photos taken by team and we wont comment on the results. You are very welcome to post your opinion in the review comments section.

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  • Abhi

Nokia n73 is my childhood smart friend

  • Joshua

In these comparison that i see in Nokia N73,Samsung D900, and Sony K800.. You see how the Nokia N73 use a carl Zeiss optics that gathered more data in one photo than samsung D900.. And k800 it can hold the over exposure of the sunlight to to see how the object can compress more detail.. The Samsung D900 gonna be stuck up against Nokia and Sony.
When you compared the photo to the two competetors.. Its very low the exposure of the light and the color of the grass you notice.. Its a lack of detail.. Theres and blurd and every images..

  • Nihar

I use n73 and it is the best

  • roklem

N73 is the best for me it has a clear camera and video.....the speaker loud but clear,,,,

  • jc

Hmmm, try using both SE K800 and N73 full charge and use camera until low battery.. We'll see if how many hours will the SE k800 lasts.. N73 has a superb battery saving..

  • Anonymous

Buahahahaha, SE has a good graphic nowonder it is even competing with the king of sound...take a photo and send it to n73, u'll see 4 yourselves. Even SE C902, with 5megapixel can't compet with n73. Maybe try the kings of SE, Xperia's...kekekeke.

  • spiderpig

my father owns a K800i and my mother owns an N73.
nokia and sony is tie with well lit places but in dark places, sony wins because of xenon flash.
I'm happy that my parents have these phones.

  • jin-jin

N73 is the Best!!!..Specially in taking picture and Video. What a clear shot.. try to use you too will experience the same thing....

  • mehedi*

i think k800 is best .but i belive nokia and i use n73

  • jrajesh rambo

Only a mob wit xenon flash can be compared wit k800. It's the king of cam. It's a mob wit user convenient and friendly. Just now i changed my mob panel. It's very easy to open my mob. All r plug in type cables and circuits. 1st class quality of material is used in this mob. Long lasting. Many and many...

  • daringme

yeah ..ilove sony ericsson k800i,,,, love it much..

  • iii

oh ,, sorry to all of you but i really love the SONY ERICSSON K800i.. its the best it has a clear camera ... ive been using this for almost eight years.....

  • stephen mate-kodjo

these were all great phones, but unfortunately the samsung and the ericsson were outclassed by the nokia n73. nokia all the way and thank u all for the phones you make.

  • shahrozking

i have n73 and i feel very proud in my frnd

  • Y.S kings

well for me nokia n73 is the best product in the market.
it is affordable and man can get nothing better than this one at such a rate.

  • lensman

toss up for k800i and n73 if your not a professional lensmen like me. but k800i wins coz it produced more realistic color, n73 overkill's it.

  • Mansoor

Samsung D900 is good...SE K800 is better...but nokia n73 is the best.

  • Mansoo

samsung d900 is k800 is better...but nokia n73 is the the the best

  • Anonymous

first of all n73 in just one bid bug and lag,k800i have way better camera,only better thing on n73 is sound way better sound but n73 needs 5 mins to open app with 10% memory full and k80oi opens it in 3 secs with full memory i personaly have m2 2 gb full card and no problems.


Nokia n73 is the best camera quality