Nokia N73 vs. Samsung D900 vs. SE K800: Photo samples

07 August 2006
The three contenders in this article are some of the hottest phones on the market. Each of them has 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera and the logical question is - which one takes the best photos? We are now presenting you full resolution sample photos taken by team and we wont comment on the results. You are very welcome to post your opinion in the review comments section.

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  • aasif{pune}

the best phone ever made by nokia n73

  • sam.mahan

I hav N73-1 ......& im very prous of it . Its design,features,photo quality etc all r fabulous..............the people who say it has defect r all bull shit.....I IS D KING OF PHONES LIKE MJ.....

  • Peter (Ghana)

Infact i used all the three phones before and i think nokia n73 it the best of all but the only P is the video.

  • anil

I was read all comets and i observe that all peoples mostly use n73 and they like it but my opinion is n73 is best on all departments except camera . In camera the best Mobil phone is Sony k800i it's camera is better then n73 as well as digital cameras it's clarity is like 8 megapixel of nokia 8080389712....................................

  • ankit

ABY MATHEW, 26 Feb 2010may be sony ericson is good but all its camera functions are dif... morehow can you say sony came clearity is bad? if you unable to control it then it's not mean it bad???????

  • nOkia Fan

mela.pedro, 01 Mar 2008Photo : 1- SE k800 2- NK n73 3- Sg d900 Design : 1- S... moresonny fon haved disadvantage,in its camera..not so good,although clear n hav cybershot function..but,SE fon easy to hav problem with its camera..

  • CaL90KeV

i have n73,n i so pround own tht phone,n73 good in capturing image n its speaker loud n decision is n73 are the best among se k800 n d900.

  • Haris_uet

I am using n73 and my vote is in its favour ..... In terms of camera both k880i and n73 is same but other features of n73 make it superior from other 2..thanks

  • denz_27

ray, 23 Oct 2009how about trying something else?like taking pictures in dark places?n73 is the best as we can see on how much more clrearer it's captured imges than the other. it also has 2.3 carl zeiss tessar optics making it's focus more consistent than the other.the other proof is how much people trust on its quality making it one of the most reknown nokia cellularphone brands you can also share,print and capture imgaes easily.other than that you can also transfer the photos easily to a compatible pc that is why i am proud of it...09297166348...


Hadi Khan, 06 May 2009K800i rulez...Sony Ericsson always rulez in camera department!!!may be sony ericson is good but all its camera functions are dificult.and when it compares to n73 its image clarity on screen is too bad

  • ABY MATHEW. 98473833

i have a nokia n 73 music edition camera phone . i belive that it's i mage quality is really better than others . because iam using it from 2006 and i have best pictures which are really stunning.if u want to check it out call me....9847383323, aby mathew.india.kerala.wayanad

  • glory

The best camera belongs to D900. 2nd is of k800i. N d last is of n73.

  • Ado

Mothball, 23 Jul 2009Hi guys I operate the D900 for the last 2 years and my upgrade w... moreAmen to that!

I have N73 Music Edition and K800i..

  • Ado

yes, i have my Nokia N73 Music Edition with me since august of 2007, no doubt this is the Ultimate User Friendly Mobile Phone of my choice.. Very proud of it!

  • ray

how about trying something else?like taking pictures in dark places?

  • sher

n73 is more good as a resale valuse it has good sound then all of them k800i zoom is not good 73 the best symbian series mobile.proud for nokia

  • md.nasir khan

hi there,i am use the nokia has every think that i want.i just say to others phone users that,on more talk about yours comment of yours phone because nokia n-73 best for use.sorry for others phones.bye.

  • jumpy

one of my phones is a k800i and i have had an n73 also, while two other friends have n73 and d900. with the help of another friend who is a professional photographer, his opinion is that the k800i produces more realistic pictures in terms of colors and details. my friend pointed this out to us even to the extent of using a magnifying glass.

  • Dr P Chowdhury

The pictures of Nokia N73 is litle bit clear than others two.

  • Mothball

Hi guys I operate the D900 for the last 2 years and my upgrade will be the D900i. I have read most of the comments and have come to realise that any choice is personal and like wine every one is correct. So to say that your phone is better than anyone else is a matter of choice and preferance. For me like wine the obvious choice is: D900, Nokia and SE K800. Like I have said it is a personal choice.