Samsung X820 review: Just for the record

15 August 2006
6.9 mm - this is how thin the slimmest mobile phone in the world is. At the same time Samsung X820 offers rich features, a comfortable keypad, and a brilliant display. Even so, it remains just a bit from real perfection.

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  • blurider

blurider, 02 Nov 2009I love this phone, I love everything about it, the size, th... moreAnd if you can't find any decent bluetooth headphones or, like me, find bluetooth drains the battery real fast, just spend a few dollars on a 3.5mm audio adapter and get a set of shure earbuds :-)

  • blurider

I love this phone, I love everything about it, the size, the weight, the feel, most of all the look - aesthetically this has to be the nicest phone Samsung has ever made (much nicer than the current touch phones). I don't agree with this reviewer's criticism of the 'i' button - unless you have really fat fingers, using it is not an issue. Bluetooth works perfectly too, so audiophiles can use any number of high-end headsets to achieve perfect wireless sound. Since there is no problem deleting files, a small music playlist works just fine with me. In fact everything about this phone just works! 10/10 perfect in my opinion.

  • shamsheer basha

bluetooth is not working so what problem

  • tzak

used this phone for 6 months, lost it ( it's small yes ) and bought myself the very same model. I guess that's says it all.
The colors and thikness are really imprressive.

  • phinu

Been using this phone for the past 6 months. Of all the major pros and cons mentinoned earlier one of the best feature is that its simply unbreakable. I've dropped it a zillion times, no problem what so ever. even managed to lose it in 6cms of snow (went right in), took me 20 minutes to find it. got it eventually, was completely soaked, wiped it with my shirt and voila no problem at all. that was a month ago. phone simply keeps on working.

  • Unknown

Got this phone yesterday. It is insane!! Besides the fact that it is super thin its packed with amazing features. The phone has everything u could want. I see people are complaining that the phone heats up. Get over it. And i realise it doesn't have a memory card slot but if u want to listen tyo MP3's all day then buy AN MP3 PLAYER. 80 megs is way big enough plus u can change bit rates to make songs smaller anyway. Same thing for the camera. If u really need more than 2 MP you should buy a Digital camera. This phone surpasses my expectations. Nothing comes close to its over all package :)

  • prem

yeah, it's gets warm and gives a kind of headache which stays all through the day and makes me feel very drowsy most of the time while working only after i started to use this mobile. i dont see most of the people who are using are having this problem. i think only to some people it effects unlike other makes.

  • Nik

I get really warm in the head and have head-ache after a few minutes of using the phone and the hand gets really warm after a few minutes as well. I saw that another guy also had that problem here. The guy who introduced me to the phone also have this problem. He mentioned it right before I bought it, but I thought that was only him and the phone was too cool.

Anyone else experiencing that?

The SAR value seems OK according to the figures, but I wonder if they are correct. Does anyone knows of a real SAR-value table not from the vendor? I have always used other Nokia and Sony Ericsson mobiles without headsets a lot without problems before.

  • i-jumaa

It is very well known, that the cell-phones of samsung are the best in regarding screen quality and loud speaker. If those two features are most important to you, then you'll enjoy it very much, but...(a big but) the twin model of x820 has already been released, although it is more than 8 mm slim, it has a card slot!! so think before u buy the x820

  • steve

just replaced my n80 with this, opted for style over the slow nokia.

got it for 140 quid from carphonewarehouse, that is a great price in any language!!!

i button doesnt activate the internet as previousley suggested, messages open fine weather over 160 characters or not and overall its prety damn impressive!!!

JIGHLY recommended

  • manjita

this phone is really slim but isn't it like wide ?

  • Ramzi

One problem I'm facing with the Samsung X820 is it fails to open messages larger than 160 characters. It gives FAILED once you try to open. SO I have to ask the sender to send it back in 2 or more broken messages not more than 160 characters. I experienced this with several colleagues who are using the phone

  • Andy

Most samsung phones do NOT have ring/vibrate at the same time, with MP3 ringtones, or most polyphonic ringtones. However, SOME ringtones (ie. the inbuilt polyphonic ones) will vibrate and ring at the same time. Otherwise, with MP3, you have the option of 1)Ring then vibrate, 2)vibrate then ring.

  • Anonymous

Does it ring and vibrate at the same time like every other normal phone? Because it says as main disadvantage does not ring and vibrate simutanously but then i read someone wrote it rings and vibrates at the same time?


i buy this cell phone , but the TV cable is not included!!!!!
the problem that the D600 cable didnt match!!!!!

  • Anonymous

have had it for over a month and recently found that my hand experiences slight pain and numbness when the phone is engaged and when held to my ear, my eyes lids start to flicker! I am sure it has something to do with the radiation and this is the first phone that has givem me this strange reaction. i use the earphones when engaged but hands still feel pain and numbness. I will retire the phone once I find a suitable replacement, one with the lowest SAR value!!!

  • Lx

Has anyone measured the thickness of the phone? i have because i am that sad and work in a phone shop, and il tell you now that the phone is not 6.9 mm thick. it is actually 9.9 mm thick. The part of the where the camera is 9.9mm does this not mean that is the actual thickness of the phone is not 6.9 but 9.9. everyone has been conned into thinking that the phone is slimmer than it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hitesh

Beautiful phone, it amazes people. Comments of people who held the phone ranged from “its like a chocolate bar” to “why are u giving me half of the phone, where is the rest”.

Mfgs have done a good job by giving 2 batteries and car charger along with regular travel charger. I am a heavy user and battery for me lasts for half a day, but no complaints, as I have another batter ready to be plugged in. Got amazing features, good voice recorder, super speaker phone. Best is video wallpaper and video caller ID. Package includes all that u can ask for.

Has bugs, to save battery its important that the phone goes into sleep mode as per time setting, this does not sometimes, using up precious battery.

All said and done, if I hv to buy a phone, I will buy X820 again.

  • BJ

Would like to add this new search function from the 6.9 :
just start typing the name from the idle screen using T9, the press menu to start searching. This has to be the fastest way to look up numbers and for someone like myself who needs to make a million phone calls, saving a couple of clicks is extremely useful.