Samsung X820 review: Just for the record

15 August 2006
6.9 mm - this is how thin the slimmest mobile phone in the world is. At the same time Samsung X820 offers rich features, a comfortable keypad, and a brilliant display. Even so, it remains just a bit from real perfection.

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  • Fadi

DO you know if i can use vibration and ringing in the same time?

  • Nik

First of all and for the record:

The phone DOES offer ringing & vibrating at the same time. It is important to me, as I always have trouble hearing my phones in busy environments, so I had set this option even before leaving the store; this little Samsung DOES have this capability.
Vibration is strong, and ringtones are quite loud and clear.

Another unique and quite wonderful (for me) function that no one seems to have mentioned, is the 3D messaging.
When you turn it on, it displays your incoming messages as if they were written on a typewriter, letter by letter, and if that is not enough, it recognises various words, like home, car, sun, cloud, bus, love, sorry, happy, etc and transforms these words into animated cartoons!!! Excellent little function! Thumbs up Samsung!

All in all this phone is the best handset I have ever had. It does its job (calling) brilliantly, has a beautiful display, it is incredibly slim, quite handsome on the whole and a menu that really completes the package. Trust me; after having this phone for a while, EVERY other phone on the market seems like a bulky, out of date brick.

This is future technology today. :)

  • Amer

Battery Time is not sufficient for me , otherwise its coooool. May by improved in next model.....

  • Anonymous

ive had this phone for 2 weeks and i love it. the only drawback is people ask if its a slvr (cuz some people are stupid) and i have to explain how this samsung is claerly much thinner than anything moto has ever offered

  • Kal

It will also be Quadband

  • samsung t519

well i heard samsung t519 that's coming out in u.s. next month are going to have the memory card (t-flash most likely by looking at the size of the phone) and also, it's going to be a 2.0 mega-pixel phone.. is that true that? ha... i'm not even sure if it's true but they said maybe... so any confirmation on that one guys?

  • airjockey

Thank you for the extensive review on Samsung new slim product!

Please EDIT! Vibration and ring tone works in perfect harmony on my X820 ..

  • The Rock

eye candy.good design,display and features.but it failed in that it doesn't have a memory slot.else its a stylish fone.

  • Adidas

Had this in silver for a week, just sold it today. Its a really nice design but like every other samsung has very little to keep you amused.

  • mury

mm.nice fone 2MPx cam, Qvga viseo in only 6,9mm?? Awesome!!!! Good Job Samsung. The other vendors cant do that they just getting jealous to SS =P

  • TechGigg

Thumbs up for this petite fone...DEFINITELY A WINNER - i dare say because while motorola spark the "bulimic-fones"-trend, they did not spark a pretty interface...Samsung has cracked it.

  • Zim

Samsung & Motorola are now both in the slim line competition. The D810/A900 is a good competitor to the V3/i. Its clear that brands such as Sony Ericsson & Nokia are not too concerned by the size of thier handsets but are more focoused on their functionality. I prefer this honestly. However comparison to the N70 may really be a bit on the off side as the 2 mobiles differ drastically. The X810 is quite slim, but since the camera apparatus is a bit protruding, it seems clear that an actual size was not stated. A better comparison would have been to the Motorola's L7 Slvr. The phone is okay in terms of size & capabilities. Great Review.

  • Kal


Relax, they just compared the thinkness with N70...and they picked the right Brand in my opinion. Nokia doesnt care about thinkness and weight. their phones are getting bulky and Ugly. There is nothing else to compare otherwise. N70 is in a different league.

  • Anonymous

samsung cheated, not counting the camera the phone its 6.9mm but if you take the meditions from the camera module the phone its around 9.8mm =P

  • Lasse

It seems a bit strange to compare this phone to a N70 since the N70 offers a much larger display, supports memory card, and least but not less runs Symbian.
In my opinion it would be more fair to compare it to a Series 40 Nokia if you do want to compare to a nokia.

  • Kal

Nice review.

Except one thing.
Everyone seems to believe that Motorola started the slim trend with RAZR. Thats not correct. Motorola and Samsung both lunched RAZR and V740 (now known as D810 or "BLADE"/a900 in US) on the same day in Korea.