Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 review: The Professional

10 February 2014
With the tablet market reaching near-saturation, another slab thatís just as thin, light and powerful as the rest of them will hardly bring crowds to the stores. Every maker is desperate to get some breathing space but few dare look for a space to call their own...

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  • AnonD-614374

I have tabpro 8.4 gt-p6100 i wana buy tuch and lcd ???

  • Tino

My Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, is not taking a charge where or can this port be repaired. Can I use a wireless battery charger on this item

  • AnonD-420479

How can I use 3G USB modem with tab pro 8.4 wifi only

  • canada

can i install adobe photoshop here in samsung galaxy tab pro 8.4?

  • AnonD-309005

The device has a premium look. The feature list ticks almost all boxes, if only the RAM was 3gb, but even 2gb is pretty ok!

Having said that, since the two months I have used this, I have had several problems. WIFI would stop, touch wont respond, in general the performance is not upto the mark. Lately, I am having difficulty with Camera. Samsung is filling the market with its tablets of all shapes and sizes and as a result they are not testing them properly before shooting them into the market.

Given the high price tag, this is a disappointment. This is from s frustrated samsung user who used S2, S3, S4, note 2 and note 3. Bye Bye samsung, you have lost it!

  • AnonD-915

I just love my tab pro! Better than my sister's iPad mini with retina display. iOS indeed is for boring people. I love Android kitkat really.great job samsung!

  • Eagle's eyes

Thank you gsmarena.Your reviews are very detailed,accurate,unbiased &helpful.I always go through your reviews before any such purchase.

  • Faysal

What we do 2g call this tab

  • ultra

Can you also shoot using the front camera because people nowadays depend on the number for example 2MP and 1.2MP. These number make it so easy for them to conclude the better one but its not about the size of the picture its about how good the quality of the captured photo is. I thought Galaxy Note 8.0 has a good 2MP front cam but seeing iPad Mini 2's 1.2MP outperform it is just.........

  • far_tech

The best tablet.! Love this... by by ipad mini.!hy hy tab pro.!

  • AnonD-242398

Why odds size Samsung Tablets are so expensive? For example this tab and Samsung Galaxy TAB 7.7

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Feb 2014So you think Apple just say to one of its chip suppliers "w... moreActually, it's almost like that since they order different architectures based on ARM, POWERVR etc.. to manufacturers to be made on a chip.

Apple don't invent anything, they think about a whole for their devices and order.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-121109, 15 Feb 2014Are you aware of the fact about how much extra battery these thi... moreMeanwhile, you are using a tablet which has cpu not as power efficient as those used by Samsung ones with a greedy OS (ICS if not mistaken) so it's not a good example to start from.

  • AnonD-235907

I like you samsung galaxy s4 and note 3 and2

  • I like you samsung

AnonD-204441, 20 Feb 2014I like samsung galaxy tab pro 8.4 Lolzzz I'm samsung galaxy s4 and s5 note2 and not 3

  • AnonD-204441

I like samsung galaxy tab pro 8.4

  • Albert

AnonD-233853, 16 Feb 2014Does anybody know if the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 , with 3G/LT... moreUp till now almost all Samsung 3G or 4G LTE products support GSM call and SMS.

  • Albert

AnonD-233853, 16 Feb 2014Does anybody know if the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 , with 3G/LT... moreUp till now almost all Samsung 3G or 4G LTE products support GSM call and SMS.

  • Daw

What about Black level if looking Black picture and keeping phone angle about 60-80o

In amoled Black is black and Display is Great.. in LgG2 its Horible!

So how about tab 8.4" ?

  • Anonymous

Tim, 16 Feb 2014You really have to live these come back comments from these loun... moreI'd rather have no name than be unable to take part in a discussion.