MWC 2014: Various brands overview

23 February 2014
The Mobile World Congress is a busy place teeming with gadgets from nearly every maker under the sun. We pay due attention to the big players, but on these pages you will find everything else...

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  • jess
  • K1I
  • 17 Mar 2015

It is true the phone can be upgraded to KitKat bcs I heard the seller told so. I hope he didn't lie to me!

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    • Fitri
    • K1I
    • 17 Mar 2015

    Hi. I've bought this 3 days ago. The camera is quite good and really not bad it has auto focus flashlight and HDR. 500 mb ram makes the phone laggy sometimes. The battery life is trash but quick charging. Keyboard response is so slow that can't type fast and always have typo. Lol so bye ;p

      • N
      • Ninja Indian
      • bC7
      • 02 Aug 2014

      Gionee Elite E7 is the best android phone one can ever imagine. Being a user, I strongly recommend: Go for it! Chinese company can claim the crown now.

        • D
        • AnonD-3339
        • 8xr
        • 01 Mar 2014

        The new yotaphone sounds and looks interesting.

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          • AnonD-173154
          • BwZ
          • 26 Feb 2014

          I just see a ton of poorly differentiated slabs. Produced by a small number of manufacturers but badged by different brands.

          Phones are where PC's were in the late 90's. Commoditised, all about the same and the margins must be ridiculously small.

          It gets to something when the most interesting phone is a BlackBerry which brings back features long abandoned (and count me in, q20 looks great).

            • b
            • bhushan
            • Ag1
            • 26 Feb 2014

            I like the YotaPhone.

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              • Ia7
              • 24 Feb 2014

              Where's Samsung Galaxy S5?

                • ?
                • Anonymous
                • tA{
                • 23 Feb 2014

                Update us regarding Samsung Galaxy S5