LG G Pro 2 review: See you 2morrow

04 March 2014
A generation older and a year wiser, LG will be looking to prove that it can learn from its mistakes and produce a device that can finally put a proper challenge for the phablet throne. The G Pro 2 certainly seems to have the right tools for the job...

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  • 10 Feb 2020

I have an internet connection error.please help me to repair it, it's only works in wifi connection.

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    • AnonD-718751
    • g30
    • 27 Nov 2017

    HOW to chang language g pro 2 my phone is korean please help me

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      • AnonD-42805
      • 7ke
      • 01 Mar 2017

      Darva, 12 Mar 2016Lg pro2 is the best phone iv ever had....it beats most othe... moreYa it is best mobile phone

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        • Darva
        • nHR
        • 12 Mar 2016

        Lg pro2 is the best phone iv ever had....it beats most others out there.

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          • Anonymous
          • KAe
          • 11 Feb 2016

          lg modol g5

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            • AnonD-30027
            • t7X
            • 12 Nov 2015

            anyone here tried slow motion video recording?if yes how? im using lg g pro 2 updated to lollopop 5.0.1..thanks

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              • AnonD-442158
              • thu
              • 09 Oct 2015

              As the review says, "Battery Test have yet to finish, and it should be finished in a few days".
              I mean, you have to wonder WHAT GREAT "Huge 3200mAH" BATTERY LIFE this 6.0" FHD+SD800 Quiad-core+2GB phablet that it STALLS the Review Test exceeding the "few days" promise and weeks further !!
              Surely this phablet got one amazing battery consumption or, gsmarena.com is too ashamed to submit the results. Keep things equal, please.

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                • TJ
                • GwM
                • 06 Oct 2015

                The volume does not go up even though it's on the highest. I can barely hear the ringtone and the alarm does not have sound at all. Can anyone please help me?

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                  • Eric
                  • 2IX
                  • 03 Jan 2015

                  AnonD-155858, 15 Jun 2014I just got this phone 3 days ago. It was very cheap at s$8... moreHow has the battery life been so far after using the phone all this while? I'm thinking of getting the G Pro 2

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                    • Vattu-Jayan
                    • rAM
                    • 05 Oct 2014

                    A fingerprint senser ! For what? . this is a smartphone , not a bank locker to use biometric sensers . And samesung loads their smartphones with a bunch of useless sensers and drains the battery . So a biometric senser is never be a good addition to Gpro 2 , it has Knock code It s enough and so easy and fun to use .
                    Unlike Lagwiz , OPTIMUS UI is Smooth and cute . May be Some tricks are inspired from samsung , but You can't criticize LG's action as COPY ! Because lot of chinese devices have multiscreen mode and some have small screen mode . This phone is Amazing and i haven't noticed any Problems , UI is smooth .

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                      • JT
                      • Kxv
                      • 06 Jul 2014

                      Hi, can someone teach me how to enhance the speaker volume. it is terribly soft compared to samsung. thanks

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                        • AnonD-155858
                        • X3%
                        • 15 Jun 2014

                        I just got this phone 3 days ago. It was very cheap at s$89 with recontract. In comparison, the s5 and note 3 were s$300+. It also came with the flip cover. This is important because after you put that on, it really doesn't matter whether your device is made of glass or metal. All you feel is the big glass screen and the back cover. I also think for phablets, plastic is the most practical because it keeps the device light.

                        So, what i like: the screen is simply gorgeous. Texts are crisp and pictures come alive. The camera is excellent. Fast, lots of detail and nice touches like taking pics with both cameras at the same time. Battery life has beem excellent, contrary to what some reviewers have said. Maybe they did a software fix. But i get through a day of heavy use (we all use our phones most in the beginning) with still more than 50% battery left. These are typically 16-17 hour days. Loud speaker is crisp. Earphones that are included are the best I've seen. The remote control worls well and easier to program than on the HTC one. Both WiFi and lte speeds are excellent.

                        Not so good: i cant seem to get gesture input to work, which is annoying since I'm used to that on my HTC one. Also text doesnt reflow on the browser, which is also a challenge, even with the big screen. Youtube and facebook get stuck sometimes while on WiFi.

                        Overall this phone is great value for money. I really like the micro sd card slot. Now i can have 96 gb total for just another s$40 more.

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                          • rassall
                          • 95h
                          • 12 Jun 2014

                          Hi Guys of LG G Pr0 2,

                          I need your one help. When I want to check my phone balance and then get message of the balance as usual..but problem is one big ringtone also play same time for every time this type of message pop up..its very disgusting even i change all the settings/factory reset. I also did not find the this ringtone from normal ringtone list.

                          Is there any way to close this ringtone or its a bug?


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                            • Haissac
                            • PS6
                            • 11 Apr 2014

                            Truth to be told, LG phones sales are slowly picking up, which means more are turning to LG phones.

                            For Samsung fanboys, if sales are picking up, means more consumers are using LG? And furthermore, look at the market price for both of the phone and tell me, which is a price rip off?

                            Again, reality states that LG phones are gaining market share.

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                              • sheik
                              • uub
                              • 04 Apr 2014

                              Mind blowing space's amget existing, because my G2 is amasing am waiting. .......GP2

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                                • AnonD-20358
                                • up7
                                • 23 Mar 2014

                                In the main disadvantage section - you missed the most prominent point - Extremely slow in releasing OS updates (or never updates)....

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                                  • Peter
                                  • IVL
                                  • 21 Mar 2014

                                  How can be a flagship phone. the WDCDMA network only 2 band 900/2100... Disappointed ... Got all the top top bell and whistle...but would you want a TOP phone that is not a world phone.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • 4QS
                                    • 16 Mar 2014

                                    Anonymous, 15 Mar 2014Yea but whether it's playing catch up or not, I'll choose L... moreLOL! Weather they are playing catch up or not...they don't rip off....Wow....So taking six months to release a phablet to copy and compare to the Note, but still not even beat or offer the better available chip while dimming the screen to even lower sunlight score than the G2 which is last behind the major phones including Samsung, HTC, Apple, and Nokia...

                                    Or directly competing other screens with their "TURE HD" IPS screens with the "most accurate" colors meanwhile having some of the most saturated ones...

                                    And that's the simple tech things....
                                    If you believe even for one second that any one of these companies is playing completely within the rules, never copied anything, does not ever rip anyone off, and always has you at their best interest then you are a fool.
                                    Some are definitely was worse than others...mainly apple being the worst....But this foolish believe of Samsung being this big evil and "insert fanboy company" is goody goody is just as ridiculous as every other fanboy garbage regurgitated here every day.

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                                      • 69p
                                      • 16 Mar 2014

                                      For in love

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                                        • kirt
                                        • kB6
                                        • 15 Mar 2014

                                        Still waiting for the battery test Which review states wud b completed in a "few days". Yet we have been waiting for weeks for the results.