LG G Pro 2 review: See you 2morrow

04 March 2014
A generation older and a year wiser, LG will be looking to prove that it can learn from its mistakes and produce a device that can finally put a proper challenge for the phablet throne. The G Pro 2 certainly seems to have the right tools for the job...

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  • Anonymous

Great device all-around but what freaked me out was seeing it uses 2,27GB of RAM with device practically idling and 7 apps running. And it is pretty basic stuff like Chrome, Youtube, Gallery, Phone and Massaging apps. I would've liked to see a unibody design along with stylus like on Note line. Also, both LG and Samsung could really take some of that bloatware off from their devices and use something like Sony's approach with similar to stock Android experience plus necessary multimedia apps added.