GSMArena smartphone shopping guide: March 2014

21 March 2014
We're back with our latest smartphone shopper's guide, and our first for 2014! In this edition we'll see which new devices announced at the MWC made the cut as good buys, next to some former flagships...

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  • Anonymous

I love the fact that all people can criticise android phones for is lag! I have a HTC One and it has not lagged once, runs smoother and faster than mates who have the 'fruity pebble phone' 5S. I have owned an iphone previously and it did lag despite what all these people say that iOS is lag-free. Also the moto g can our perform iphones in speed tests which is 1/5 the price!! Apple are playing huge catch up!! The iphone 6 (or 'Air') needs to be pretty dam good to start to win people back other than their fan boys who queue just to get their hands on one (SAD!!!!!).

  • Anonymous

Where can I find the Moto G for as little as $99? It's running close to $200 on ebay and amazon.

  • AnonD-247137

Please remove "Bezels still not flagship grade" from cons section of the Xperia Z2 to Apple iPhone 5S cons section because iPhone 5S has bezels are even thicker than the Sony Xperia Z2. Measurements don't lie. The iPhone 5S has the thickest bezel of any flagships past and present, only the iPhone 4S has thicker bezels..and no water-proofing? Apple are you listening? You never listen to consumers do you?

  • nasseradam53

Dream is color

  • LM

No Xiaomi device on this list? Wow.. They are making the best android devices on the market! And yeah they are made in china by a chinese brand

  • Slayer

Anonymous, 23 Mar 2014Android lag because it is hard to program smooth UI unless u use... moreWhatever you say dude! You know what? Nobody is listening so do keep blathering on.....*Sigh....!

  • AnonD-80914

The phone with the most cons is most expensive. Haha

  • abhijith

Why there is no galaxy note 2....better than galaxy s3..I think it is good gadget for its price range..and very durable...and battery life rocks....feeling sad that it didnt made into the list

  • Anonymous

Android lag because it is hard to program smooth UI unless u use default android template.

Plus they need backward support for pre api 14 versions.

Hardware can only hide the lag and crashes that much.

People who have owned windows phones and ios phones before can tell u lag.. People who only use android can't.. Because they never tasted smoothness

  • Slayer

Gibby, 22 Mar 2014Z2 - '...compact design'. PFFFF!! Bezeltastic! ;)Relative to its size, its bezels are tiny compared to the iPhone 5s which are bigger even though it is a tiny phone! The bezels, by the way, are due to larger battery and water proofing! Pffftt!! Will take the Z2 all day long at this point in time.

  • AnonD-45436

If we are talking about android then Nexus 5 is the choice gfs galaxy S4 even the note 3 looks slow.. Buttery smooth superfast instant transitions, and that all black look is cool.. WOW!! So excited for purchasing it.. If it had only better battery life, it would smash every other android phone.. But no complaints best value for money!!

  • AnonD-60230

Anonymous, 22 Mar 2014Android is lag, malwares, and force closes/freezes (not reliable... moreyou are Still living in Froyo and GingerBread world

  • AnonD-92238

Anonymous, 22 Mar 2014Android is lag, malwares, and force closes/freezes (not reliable... moreMore than 70% mobile owner rely on android. Still you're saying it's not reliable, ..........ok ;)

  • AnonD-92238

Buddy, this is 2014, not 2010. Lag was THEN a problem, not now. Go look, Nokia X with 512 MB of RAM running it quite smoothly.

so, your argument is totally invalid.

  • Be Reasonable

I think until the currently, Xperia Z2 is the best deal...but also still waiting for new HTC one.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-92238, 22 Mar 2014Buddy, I'm not a celebrity or anything else like that. I just DO... moreAndroid is lag, malwares, and force closes/freezes (not reliable OS). If you don't care about those. Good for you.

  • Anonymous

Harmattan, 22 Mar 2014Phones with Windows Phone without 8.1 update are...useless ? The... moreHave you used it? That's pretty stupid thing to say when it's not even released yet.

  • akash

Moto g is the best. Best sound quality .gaming experience. Good camera . KitKat. Better than any other phone even the Sammy s3 and grand 2

  • Mikey

Phones with Windows Phone without 8.1 update are...useless ? They rlly nonfunctional, lack of many basic functions and lack of even little freedom for users. Oh great MS thanks for ur mercy after 4-5 years people wiil get what they have for many years in Symbian, later Android. Protection period ended a long time ago, when MS dont have answer to iOS and Android so...what MS do in 2007-2009 ? Oky so maybe 2010, 2011, 2012 ? WP 8.1 should be released when they switched from version 7 to 8, not at the end of this year.

  • Gibby

Z2 - '...compact design'. PFFFF!!
Bezeltastic! ;)