Nokia X review: Under cover

10 April 2014
The Nokia X is one of the Finns' first ever smartphones to run Android and yet it may not be the Android phone you've been looking for. Perhaps you’ve been looking in the wrong place? Nokia will certainly like you to think so. To be honest though...

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  • choti bala

Haram khor home screen PR Wallpaper kyn ni lagta chotibala

  • gigifionnah

My nokia x shut dowm and its not onning anymore just charging do i update it and it off already..pliiiiz help

  • asante

I want to know how i can get back my applications on the internal memory card after mistakenly formatted both SD cards. Please am in endear need of help right now.
thank you.

  • anirban


  • Anonymous

Om Ranjan...., 28 Aug 2014Nokia x doesnot support whatapp....plz help me...Download whatsapp apk from ur browser and installl tat apk file

  • jeff

wel i saw n0kia x at a store and planning to buy one. i'm using m0bile for call,sms, music and browsing, so app availability and other techy things doesn't bother me. so is this go0d or what? and does n0kia store have the same app as google play, esp games. thanks

  • Sankar

Hiw to use 3g pls explain

  • mubright

Solution to nokia x,when displaying charger without charging

  • harsh

Nokia X is unimaginable mobile it has everything watsapp

  • Anonymous

Why is nokia-X does not support by google play

  • yhet

Does Nokia X really doesn't have Google play?

  • me

It does support whatsapp

  • Sajid Ali.

Nokia x is very good mobile
My best mobile.

  • AnonD-333665

AnonD-2194, 11 Apr 2014Most of the peeps here yapping about specs this & specs that... morei bought one today (well yesterday but overnight delivery make it today :D ) 1st impression well ... totally good for the price paid (got it for 66 chf on a promo so even more good)

as i have a nvidia Shield Tablet ... my phone doesn't need to be powerful (heck even the latest flagship from known brand fall wayyy behind the ST, ok there is the Nexus 9 ... but nope not better either)it need to be practical and reliable, which the Lumia X is, even if its a heavily modded Android the look'n feel is quite refreshing

  • AnonD-333665

AnonD-209094, 10 Apr 2014Very bad battery life, clearly because of old display technology... morethe Lumia X has a IPS matrix ... not a TN ... read the review

  • nami

whtsup is working in nokia x

  • Anonymous

Om Ranjan...., 28 Aug 2014Nokia x doesnot support whatapp....plz help me...U go near mobile shop and say yr problem it can help him...

  • halo

Hi ..can any body tell me what is the use to make group in nokia x..while u cannot send a text to many ppl at the same from group..

  • halo

Hi can any body tell me what is the use to make group in nokia x ..while u cannot send any text to all of them at the same time...and plz guide me if I am not going to the right process...thank u ..

  • Akash nambiar

Very good mobile