Nokia X review: Under cover

10 April 2014
The Nokia X is one of the Finns' first ever smartphones to run Android and yet it may not be the Android phone you've been looking for. Perhaps you’ve been looking in the wrong place? Nokia will certainly like you to think so. To be honest though...

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  • Anonymous

I think it is shameful of Microsoft to use android OS and not even give credit to it anywhere. Maybe that is why google wants to force manufacturers to let the android logo be the first thing displayed when you power on a phone using android software.

  • AnonD-7043

I would like to try after couple of Months.... Currently around Rs. 7,000 in India.... Let it price fall a little....

  • Anonymous

Insanely huge bezel. Old school specs. Lol!

  • ramesh Manjunath

AnonD-240230, 10 Apr 2014With 126 Dollars in your hand you can have much better than this... moreYou mean to say those cheap Chinese droids with so called 8mp cams which is not even close to this Nokia 3mph cams. Full taste of android.? how does it taste on such phones?

  • interested

I was wondering can you install the youtube app in this phone without root? Can you watch youtube videos through the browser?

  • Anonymous

Who needs this? Seriously?!
So much better, budget options out there.....

  • AnonD-240230

With 126 Dollars in your hand you can have much better than this. In Bangladesh with 126 dollars you can have phones like Quad core processor 1.3Ghz + back 5MP with flash, front camera 2mp + 1GB ram + 8GB ROM and the full taste of Android.

  • Anonymous

"HERE Maps can only be used for navigation in your home country, but not abroad.", HERE Maps do not impress me at all!