Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Sony Xperia Z2: Droid gladiators

04 June 2014
The flagship Android segment has always been a battlefield but you wouldn’t want to be around when these two are in their most violent mood. The Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony Xperia Z2 are two of the most advanced smartphones to ever sit on a...

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  • Anonymous

AvidMobiler, 28 Dec 2016Samsung gave me this S5 as a loan phone while they fix my G... moreBattery for Alyssa his five

  • AvidMobiler

Samsung gave me this S5 as a loan phone while they fix my Galaxy Note - and I've not had such a terrible phone for many years.

The speaker is terrible and sound quality is very poor.

I find the phone slow. Don't know why but it's very very slow. Can't multitask.

Did I mention the sound is really bad? Volume is much too low even when everything is turned up.

  • ট&#249


  • Emrul

Z2 is a pretty cool 😎 smartphone 📱

  • Anonymous

vicky kumbhar, 13 Feb 2015guys pls tell me....wich camera is best in this 2 branded s... moreI like. Sony xperia bcoz his name Is More than Saficiant

  • sanju

I go for z2


Z2 kicks as ofar s5 lot of aspects.
Bigger screen
(Someone waz talking shit about the baterry of Samsung being better than Sony? ??? NEVER EVER LOLOZZZ

  • ali

Galaxy s5 is more better than xperia z2 bcz its battery timing is very good than xperia z2 and its features is amazing and its processor is high speed than xperia z2 and main thing....its resale value is more better than xperia z2......

  • Anonymous

Galaxy S5 has the worst speaker!

  • Pixel Shader

AnonD-382201, 03 Apr 2015Sony has 20.7 megapixel camera, if u r freeky about capturi... more Well saying bro u r right this a fact no one can't accept it

  • shannu

nanu, 25 Jun 2015Which is the best phone between this two???Z2 is better

  • Naha

I go for Z2!

  • Anonymous

Still using z2 and very satisfied with the phone. Won't be getting a new phone for 5 to 6 yrs

  • nanu

niki, 03 Feb 2015hi...please compare s5 with z3...thanksWhich is the best phone between this two???

  • Anonymous

dev, 09 Jun 2015s5 is very better than z2nice joke

  • dev

s5 is very better than z2

  • akky

Fr Internet surfing and downloading which is the better

  • آ&#157

I used both I think s5 is better than z2 by a large margin . The 20MP z2 camera never captured the image which the 16MP of s5 does . And signal strength is also deferent s5 is better

  • AnonD-382201

[deleted post]Sony has 20.7 megapixel camera, if u r freeky about capturing pics than go for z2, its more powerful than UHD cameras which is max and near to 16 mega pixel only, here S5 again no match for Z2. Sony is technology producer and cant be compared with Samsung copied modified technology provider.

  • asem

i perfer sony z2 bz of water proof camera gaming audio and etc
sony xperia z2 is the best phone in the world in have seen