Motorola Moto E review: Have a break!

14 June 2014
Motorola has done it again. With a 4.3" display of qHD resolution, a dual-core processor, 5MP camera, and a solid 1,980mAh battery, the Motorola Moto E may as well be the ultimate budget phone...

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  • AnonD-141635
  • vIc
  • 14 Jun 2014

What I want motorola to do is release a non Camera version of this phone. Lot of companies in Asia have this policy of banning Camera phones on their premises

I assure that my company alone shall have orders of 2000 phones in one day.

Come on motorola

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    • Phoenix
    • pu{
    • 14 Jun 2014

    It'll never get Android 5.0 like the Moto E and it's screen resolution is lower. Also it'll probably worse in other terms as well, but we have to see it.
    Anyway I have a Moto G and E both phones are awesome, I recommend it to every one! Best price/value.

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      • AnonD-237024
      • nG$
      • 14 Jun 2014

      Camera doesn't have auto focus?


      (For me, at least)

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        • AnonD-53590
        • Kg%
        • 14 Jun 2014

        AnonD-6607, 14 Jun 2014Well.. For someone like me who rarely uses a camera, i real... moreThen wait for Samsung G350e same price as moto e bec. Samsung G350e has an internal 8Gb with 1Gb RAM and has a OS ANDROID KITKAT 4.4.2 at RS 6500 same as Moto e price

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          • AnonD-263214
          • L6Z
          • 14 Jun 2014

          this is best phone in this price . unrival .
          i want buy 2 moto e . for my mom and dad /
          thanks moto

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            • Bugzy
            • vMf
            • 14 Jun 2014

            AnonD-273812, 14 Jun 2014I am happy to see the review here as always, but yesterday ... moreUnfortunately, the Moto E build quality is not up to very high standards. The different parts and panels just don't seem to fit like it should.

            The rear cover, for instance, fails to fit the middle section properly and not only does it give out the occasional creaks and squeaks, but it also moves around a bit under your fingers, which leaves a rather cheap impression.

            A second example is the way the middle section fits around the front panel. The translucent frame we mentioned earlier has a substantial gap that allows all sorts of dirt and whatnot enter there and it's a rather tricky place to clean.

            That not snappy review.

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              • ryd3r
              • 3cd
              • 14 Jun 2014

              [deleted post]How can u compare moto e with a high end specs phone

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                • AnonD-273812
                • 2SW
                • 14 Jun 2014

                I am happy to see the review here as always, but yesterday I recieved the above phone in India, I got a wall charger(not a USB cable to be removed from the adapter) and a headset too.. thats awesome for Indian customers :) Its really an awesome phone, when seen with the price tag. U cannot expect it to be an Apple Iphone at this price. It is just fantastic and I think its the best phone with price tag up to $200 in the market! Love it :)

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                  • AnonD-6607
                  • wdU
                  • 14 Jun 2014

                  Well.. For someone like me who rarely uses a camera, i really like this phone.

                    Nooo, even with bigger-than-4" screen and big battery, the rest of the specs are really terrible, with slow CPU and GPU and worst of all a camera without AF; no respectable phone, even a budget one should have a lousy camera like that. Sorry, but the Lumia 520 is still the best 100 euro phone you can get.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • utn
                      • 14 Jun 2014

                      [deleted post]dude can you are out of you mind this phone is exeption

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                        • AnonD-175189
                        • iiW
                        • 14 Jun 2014

                        [deleted post]Its only 6999 what did u expect? A pureview cam? Octacore?

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                          • ratan
                          • Y}8
                          • 14 Jun 2014

                          very good phone mark 100%

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                            • AnonD-259899
                            • 3YY
                            • 14 Jun 2014

                            AnonD-43136, 14 Jun 2014The mark 1 moto g is better than this and only £95 in... moreYeah the Moto G is very nice and a bargain for what it packs. Nice little phone.

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                              • 14 Jun 2014

                              The mark 1 moto g is better than this and only £95 in tesco. Budget phones are horrible.

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                                • AnonD-92238
                                • KAe
                                • 14 Jun 2014

                                Al last. !!!