Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 review: S-class coupe

25 June 2014
The freshly announced Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 is the first tablet from Samsung to sport the highly-revered S moniker. Ultra-slim and sexy, the device has the internals too to merit the special letter. The eponymous bunch of handsets propelled...

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will samsung come out with a wifi only version of the tab a 8.4? Looking to upgrade my 2015 tab a model.

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    • Anonymous
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    • 02 Nov 2015

    Antutu 36000

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      • azadeh
      • B}6
      • 04 Aug 2015

      My music app view suddenly changed into tabs view , but i want to switch to that folder view that i had from the first
      what shuold i do?

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        • jaa
        • f{a
        • 16 May 2015

        alwase restart my tab s

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          • StGadgets
          • nIh
          • 07 May 2015

          Hi can I post a question to a current user of this tablet. I intend to get this tablet for my wife but I am worried about the memory available to the user. In the UK only the 16GB version is available. Of this 16GB, how much is available to the user??? I have a 16GB.Note 2 and I am having to delete apps because of memory issues.

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            • AnonD-254319
            • 7I4
            • 03 Sep 2014

            Yeah I'm with this guy how come we never had a Samsung Galaxy NOTE PRO 8.4?

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              • Allen
              • t7X
              • 31 Aug 2014

              ALI, 30 Aug 2014Hi Does this samsung G 8.4 has calling future? Please let... moreLte version of tab s supports phone call and messages :)

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                • ALI
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                • 30 Aug 2014

                Does this samsung G 8.4 has calling future? Please let me know.


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                  • RINA
                  • ibH
                  • 18 Aug 2014

                  i bought a samsung galaxy tab s 8.4 about 2 weeks ago. while using it, the whole screen went totally black in colour after i just deleting an e mail after reading it.
                  i sent it back to my samsung dealer in johore bahru and now its in samsung service centre.
                  can anyone let me know why this new device turned out like this after using a week plus only ?
                  i have used note 1, note 2, note 3 and they r still in good condition.

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                    • manoj
                    • 7tG
                    • 10 Aug 2014

                    I want to buy this tablet. But someone may inform me kindly whether this unit plays 4K videos ? If yes, then OK. I dont want to make gadget purchasing my annual habit.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • Sjw
                      • 08 Aug 2014

                      R.I.P ipad

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                        • AnonD-287738
                        • Nre
                        • 27 Jul 2014

                        Does it make a phone calls or LTE support for mobile data like Apple Pads ???

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                          • alpo314
                          • jBu
                          • 12 Jul 2014

                          How can I find one .....and what retailer sells them

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                            • Anonymous
                            • t7X
                            • 08 Jul 2014

                            Does 8.4 have the designated keyboard just like that of the 10.5? Please link me to any site if there is really a samsung bluetooth keyboard for the 8.4. Thanks!

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                              • SoulJahBG
                              • 3it
                              • 06 Jul 2014

                              Nice tablet. :)

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                                • AnonD-12723
                                • v0q
                                • 05 Jul 2014

                                AnonD-135156, 27 Jun 2014In case you didn't read ...."Android still lags behind... moreI was about to copy and paste that line for my comment. I am not sure what does the author mean about it. HAHAHA. Into what aspect does android lags behind OIS for tablets?

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                                  • Vin
                                  • 7tK
                                  • 04 Jul 2014

                                  Mickey_s, 28 Jun 2014Your comment is the best i've ever read on GSMArena.Donnot flirt

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                                    • Billy
                                    • 9FD
                                    • 03 Jul 2014

                                    I checked it out at the store yesterday. It's amazing. So thin and that screen is surreal. I only wish I hadn't just got an 8.0 3 at Christmas time. It's not worth anything to try and upgrade to the S. Maybe next year. Awesome tablet

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                                      • Mickey_s
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                                      • 28 Jun 2014

                                      Smuti, 28 Jun 2014You lost me at Candy Crush and then nailed the coffin with ... moreYour comment is the best i've ever read on GSMArena.

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                                        • Smuti
                                        • pu4
                                        • 28 Jun 2014

                                        Anonymous, 27 Jun 2014I suggest you install the below free apps from both parties... moreYou lost me at Candy Crush and then nailed the coffin with the 64bit bs. crapple and their gimmicky 64bit utilising 1Gb of ram. Yay I'm driving a ferrari with 1 wheel.