OnePlus One review: When opportunity strikes

09 July 2014
From zero to flagship killer in less than 6 months. That’s the life story of OnePlus Tech – a big chunk of which went in explanation mode. First it was their relation to Oppo, then the reasons why their debut smartphone got...

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Jul 2017This 1+ phone is a big heap of crap. I bought 1+1 sometime ... moreThat’s correct . I faced the same problem and had to get rid of it

  • Anonymous

One plus one 360 cover want

  • Anonymous

My oneplus 1 phone is very good, I have it already 5 years and it's still working perfect

  • Anonymous

This 1+ phone is a big heap of crap. I bought 1+1 sometime in March'16, in Jan/Feb '17 it started getting heated. Would go dead and finally had the motherboard burning of. Cost of replacing motherboard Rs13k. Chucked and bought a new phone. No reverts on complaint posted

  • gs

one plus 1 it's really supb handset

  • Anonymous

Can some one help me with the service center contact number. My one plus one phone fell in water and right now its NOT staying in ON state for more than 5 mins and also the battery charge is not increasing after 50%.

  • AnonD-639665

Anonymous, 15 Dec 2015there is no other phone in india like such of low... moreRight

  • AnonD-639665

Don't buy you gonna fall in love with it.

  • Vishnu

My 1+1 is herring helpme

  • Priya

Its really a pathetic phn continuously reboots and screen flickers...sent my phn twice to the service centre..every time dey say we have updated the s/w....but the problem persists...I won't suggest anyone to buy did mobile...and I asked them to replace coz its under warranty period..dey say "we can't"

  • Serta

My mobile is very often creating a problem like screen over lay ,it is not displayed in storage,apps option

  • Danny

One plus one get reliance jio sim offer in india or not

  • MK

Service seems to be problem. Keeps on rebooting times and times again. Battery life is pathetic

  • Mzg

I have been doing a kind of research on which phone to buy. Now I have Gionee E3 and is using it for the past 3 years,till now no problem. I think of buying One Plus One and read most of the reviews. I would like to have a suggestion on this matter. Plz help me.

  • AnonD-496949

using this excellent phone since one year,but,since one month camera app is not functionig.Each time after starting ,its showing as"cant connect to the camera".Tried rebooting,cache cleaning without results.please help

  • rajagopal Freddy jal

when I call my friends they complaint that there comes some disturbance noISE and the con't listen properly

  • AnonD-481622

guys I m using oneplus one for about 10 months and I have android 5.0.2 and its not updating to 5.1 and 1 more thing I have oxygen os 1.0.0 and I don't know how my phone have oxygen os instead of having cyanogen and its not updating so any1 please help in this matter asap, because this phone comes with 4.4.2 and upgradable to 5.1 and shown in this site, so the bottom line is that my phone is not updating....please help
thanks :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2015I am going to buy one pluse one would you recommend it for methere is no other phone in india like such of low don't weat buy it (1+1)

sameer, 25 Nov 2015No...worst phoneWhy?

  • sameer

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2015I am going to buy one pluse one would you recommend it for meNo...worst phone