OnePlus One review: When opportunity strikes

09 July 2014
From zero to flagship killer in less than 6 months. That’s the life story of OnePlus Tech – a big chunk of which went in explanation mode. First it was their relation to Oppo, then the reasons why their debut smartphone got...

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  • GoAhead

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2015I am going to buy one pluse one would you recommend it for meYes, you won't regret buying it :)

  • Anonymous

I am going to buy one pluse one would you recommend it for me

  • Ashie

AnonD-72256, 29 Jul 2015Do not upgrade it to lollipop. I regret that I have done it... moreWhy? How many hours?

  • harendra

I start my net and phone is so hanging when am put the phone in pocket phone is hang whyyyy????

  • AnonD-444677

Ryt now I ubdated my phone but after that its not started

  • Shoclean

Oneplus one is by far the best phone I've had to date, beats nexus Samsung lg htc and all the rest its benchmark scores are still on par with most new smart phones, the only thing I miss that it does not have is an IR blaster, asides from that is by far the best, I've owned a lot of phones kind of a smart phone enthusiast I've never kept a phone for more than a couple months I've had my oneplus for over a year and am still in love with it, thanks oneplus for the great handset;-)

  • AnonD-416158

Asus Zenfone 2(4gb) or Oneplus one?????????????????????

  • razaq khan

VERY good mobile

  • razaq khan

VERY good mobile

  • Pramod

jayaraj b, 14 Feb 2015True&real fact I want to share with all smart phone lov... moreYes its correct very good quality in head phone its I never hear this kind off sound I used apple lg Samsung HTC Nokia but this quality I never found

  • AnonD-72256

Do not upgrade it to lollipop. I regret that I have done it. Battery drains in hours...

  • Vivek Nair

Solid hardware, performs better than other phones with similar or same hardware. Not sure why it is so, probably something to do with better integration. Huge phone but the curves and shape of the phone makes it quite manageable. It mainly depends a lot on the software that you use on it. Some custom ROMs have advantage over the others on this hardware.

I liked it best with the Color-OS but alas, it doesn't come with Lollipop.

I have been using it for around 6 months and it has grown on me. Still enthusiastic about the phone. Would definitely suggest family and friends to buy this marvelous piece of technology. No regrets!!!

  • mitthu

rubbish customer service,,, if you go to the customer care for services if any of the part wont work it will take an year to get it fixed facing the problem from last month and i used to talk with opo shit people . the only apologized to me for nonsense talk and they never gave me a correct time to get the phone back and It you along with your phone to services center they would say that it will take 2-14 days only .... after sales customer care sucks like any thing... :)

  • Nihar

Rubbish service.. Spare parts takes years to come.. Service Centres incontactable.. Phone once goes for repair will take atleast a month to come back.. 2week guarantee which they give is just to con the people

  • anand

My opo is battery is very low how can I solve this problem

  • Karthik

I recently buyed a one plus one mobile phone its really good!! But I have problem if I play any games or use my phone fr long time my phone ll get heated badly!! I can't even hold it!! Y it happens I dono!! N wat s de prblm in it???? Do plz anyone help me out in tis plz!!:\

  • Ashish Singh

Atleast they shud have provided ear phone which is mandatory accessory with all phones. Does any other ear phone is capable to work fine with One Plus one smart phone????
Pls reply

  • AnonD-386262

Amezing fetures,trendy look .. first time impressed from a classic Gazette like One plus one ..Just awesome !!!!!

  • Bali randhawa

Pls advise me vich one is btr one plus or asus

  • Ponnus

do you know the golden words in love?"dont cry in love"b'coz 4 whom u are crying doesnt deserve ur tears and the person who deserve it will never let u cry.....
..As this message while going through the mobile detailsI feel like a perfect fit forthe the dailylifewhichis always be useful...