HTC One (E8) review: Traveling light

01 August 2014
What if you stripped the HTC One (M8) of the metal armor it's so proud of. Imagine replacing it for plastic. Sounds like the worst thing that could happen to the top model of a struggling company. The HTC One (E8) will heartily disagree...

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  • Arwah Pemasaran

HTC was once a big company yet now is facing it's sunset, eclipsed by the other brands' overwhelming marketing superiority and competitive price. Nowadays we hardly see remarkable breakthroughs in any of the HTC flagships in its price range

  • noorsajidnoor


  • prince

I Realy like it. It's my first time but I have seen the reality.....HTC company big up.

  • Xperia Z2

I use htc e8 1 week already.., so far it good performance, great enough camera, easy to use. Unlike htc M7, M8 it's bulky and will hot when changing

  • AnonD-251095

Review says USB OTG isn't supported but i just tried to connect a usb stick via usb otg cable and it works just as it supports it. (single sim version - out of the box )

  • AnonD-8044

maher, 25 Nov 2014No tv out is a big failure What load tripe,buy a chrome cast only bit more than a cable. A phone is bad because no tv out.

  • Sungp

ARP, 02 Feb 2015 moreRAM:2G

  • amol thite

i like thise

  • ARP

Hi.excuse me,I have a question:
according to above link,the RAM of htc E8 is just 1 GB,but its specifications says that the RAM is 2 GB.
I was confused!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • raje

Working both sim

  • Tania

I'm about to bin my second very expensive HTC Mini, yet another failed battery and failed charger and failed internal circuitry. Present battery life 15 seconds, unless I touch it, when it just empties. Never been dropped or drowned, waste of money. Wouldn't ever go near another HTC phone.

  • Monti

maher, 25 Nov 2014No tv out is a big failure In reply to your post "No tv out is a big failure", really I wonder, how many users (for any particular smartphone) care to buy a dedicated TV cable to cast the smartphone display on a TV?????
Even there is more appealing alternatives,To people who like watching bigger screens, they can play the smartphone movies, picture even music files on a smart TV (which are popular and at lesser price now) through a shared wifi.

  • maher

No tv out is a big failure

  • HTC ONEstepup2stback

I posted this to the M8 forum. Hoping to get a rsponse from any E8 peeps...

I am in the US.

Does anyone know if any of the M8 series phones has the ability to surf the net (NOT over WiFi!!) AND make and receive phone calls AT THE SAME TIME?

My old pal EVO 4G LTE on the Sprint network can do this just fine and dandy via 3G/4G, no prob. New M8 says "can't connect" or "no signal available" when one or the other is in use. I feel like I've regressed to the original EVO. I can't believe the ability to max out the functions of the phone would be compromised like that. Perhaps, it's just related to my particular area??

I need to be able to lookup, post and email online while on calls in the field, etc. Not being able to do so us a real deal-breaker for me. I don't have access to WiFi most of the time. Plus, I PAY for unlimited phone and data. (I'm a data hog.)

I am considering purchasing the E8 for the better camera (as opposed to the M8 cam with HTC's convoluted one-step-up-two-steps-back pixel scheme), but I hesitate to lose the ability to multitask.

Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on this issue, or am I overlooked something here. Any tricks or workarounds?

  • AnonD-328045

it has all the required specs i need in a phone.FM radio which other brands don't have anymore, dual sim, expandable memory, LTE.. very excited to buy this soon..

  • Anonymous

pasha, 04 Nov 2014after exhausting the battery i tried to charge but it is no... moreNo one cares what you think! no go find something better to do with your life ;)

  • AnonD-327576

my htc one is not turning on i tried to charge the battery after exhasting the battery but it is not taking charge advise me your urgent response is highly appreciated

  • pasha

after exhausting the battery i tried to charge but it is not taking charge and it is not turning on

  • Anonymous

AnonD-315406, 04 Oct 2014please help with which one is better S5 or htc one M8? Htc one e8 amazing device with great price

  • Ali

AnonD-315406, 04 Oct 2014please help with which one is better S5 or htc one M8? htc one M8