Sony Ericsson W950 review: Let the music play

16 October 2006
The Sony Ericsson W950 is an exciting new addition to the Walkman series of Sony Ericsson. It is a smartphone based on the Symbian 9.1 UIQ 3.0 with a stylish and yet classical design. Although it doesn’t feature a camera, the 4GB of free space and the dedicated multimedia keys would make any music lover jump from joy. The large touchscreen TFT display with QVGA resolution is just another fascinating feature for the tech buffs.

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  • Manoj

I have used this handset..At that time it was the stae of the art phone...

  • Falah

Anonymous, 02 May 2008Hi. I want to know which format does this phone record sounds? ... moreYas, this phone has sound recorder. works nice...!

  • Mark

kianoosh, 03 Nov 2007hi how open the ( unlock) phone (w950i)withot pen only by key ... morepress and hold the back button, near the jog dial

  • Anonymous

I want to know which format does this phone record sounds?
It is very important 4 me.

  • fawad

I have sonny ericcson w950i from last 5 mouths but i dont know about how can i hide the any file from other ones please help me

  • Anonymous

By pressing the back button (for a while) on left side of the set

  • kianoosh

how open the ( unlock) phone (w950i)withot pen
only by key
for exampl * & unlock by pen
withot pen
onli by key

  • Gideon

Does any one know a application that i can download on my w950i that can help suport any media ,video file (and is it free)/does it suport realplayer?

  • Heizel

What is the version of tis phone Walkman Player?

  • Kyle

I just got mine 2 days ago and I've fallen in love with it. It does a lot of things. It does help to be tech savy when trying to use all these features. I don't regret it one bit. I also found mine new on ebay for 254$.

  • trevor thompson

i have this phone for about 2 months now this is my second sony ericsson w950i my touchscreen does not work .please let me know how to fix my touchscreen

  • hesam

everything u say is ok,
but can you see future that phones will come with more more than 4gb HDD or even memory stick, but your phone still can't get a picture like a Nokia 8800?! i think the money is a bit high for the phone, but a little high ;)

  • neil

hello,hey i just saw all the fetures of this phone all over net.but i wanna know , is this cell phone can play video file as long as 150MB+. what is like ... 350kb/sec ( 5.60mb per min with 176x144 or 320x240 pixl) ? because i loved to watch movies on my cell , anyone who owned this w950 can tell me is that a good fullscreen movie playerin it like nokia E70 ?

  • beesh !!

heyz there ..
i think that i made my dicision ..
i'll buy this WOOOW phone .. !! w950 .. and is there any w950i ??
and btw , y no one z talkin about prices .. z t that expensive ?!

  • juls

ok so we have now finally got our phones, how about sharing any tips/experiences?
downloaded some london tube map software and it worked really well, still not worked out the album picture thing, anyone got any easy way to do this?

  • Anoy

I have got one.. cool gadget!

  • vixen

i work for a phone company in australia and have just had a chance to play with this phone. all i've got to say is WOW! awesome music capabilities, great ease of use all wrapped up in a fab looking package. Sure it doesn't have a camera but i have a SE K800 and i hardly use the camera on that despite knowing how awesome the pics are from it. i think i'll definately get this phone, as it has all i need in the one device - MP3 player, organiser and phone! I was just reading the comments about the phone and I felt I have to say something about Steve Ashford's comments - I believe they are really rude and insulting to a lot of people. Sure, you might want a phone that has all the features you want (2MP camera, Wi-Fi etc) but obviously this phone doesn't have them, so don't buy it?! And don't insult people by calling them losers and hypochondriacs because they like the phone! The reason there is so much choice in the telecommunications industry is because not everyone likes the same phone, and are looking for different features. Research what you like and buy accordingly. Each to their own I say!

  • juls

Having had my w950 for 3wks now i thought i'd just let you know that its just what i wanted and i'd highly reccomend it if you don't want to be carrying an mp3 player and a phone plus you don't care about not having a camera(which i don't).
Got a cheap clear plastic case to stop it getting scratched which is well worth getting, only tip is don't loose the plastic pen as sony charge $15 for 3 replacement ones so using whatever comes to hand at moment(pencil/pen end).
Just got the bluetooth sony headset so no need for the cable, seems to work well.
Any questions let me know.

  • Fender

w950 better or w850?

  • Anonymous

hey everybody, is w 950 better or p 990?