Sony Ericsson W950 review: Let the music play

16 October 2006
The Sony Ericsson W950 is an exciting new addition to the Walkman series of Sony Ericsson. It is a smartphone based on the Symbian 9.1 UIQ 3.0 with a stylish and yet classical design. Although it doesn’t feature a camera, the 4GB of free space and the dedicated multimedia keys would make any music lover jump from joy. The large touchscreen TFT display with QVGA resolution is just another fascinating feature for the tech buffs.

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  • anon

The W950i is a terrible handset. The user interface is terrible slow and extremely non-intuitive. What's the point of having all these features if it takes several seconds to get them up and running?

  • omar

guyz dis fone is unbeleivably awesome..da bst music fone eva..cmon u cnt compare it 2 nokia n91..da music player of da n91 is soo basic,no moods,no rating,u cant browse the albums by da pics..also da sound of n91 is so low u cant even hear it when in a crowded place but da w950's sound is great...i dnt care abt da camera i realized tht i use da camera like once in a month,so no need for da camera...newayz da 4GB nd the great player compensates for da lack of da camera..

  • some guy

i counted 70+ exclamation points in drsilverworm's post.

  • Drsilverworm

'the nerd', you make us SE fans look bad.

  • the nerd!

why are we all fighting over sony ericsson against nokia!?!wtf??we all no that nokia is out of fashion!nokia phones are really bad!there all bricks!have nokia ever even created a flip fone??????no jus their o so common candy brick phones and the rubbish and boring slide fones!!!!!!!SE are the kings of phone making!!!the w950i is the best!who really cares if it has no camera! camera's on fones are jus for messing about with!!!!!!!
and if you want apicture sooo bad ask someone to take it for you and use bluestooth to send it!!duhhhhh the SE w950i is sooooo cool!it has handwriting recognitition!!!!!awsome!!i love the walkman plaer and the dedicated keys!!!omg dey light in the dark!!!!wow!!!!!!it looks so cool!!!!i love this fone!!!i cant wait to open it up on christmas day!!!!:D
we all no that sony ericssons reall competetors are samsung!!!!but sony ericsson kicks der ass!!!!!!lol
well das all!!!
i highly recommend this fone!!!

  • emad

i really need to buy this phone

  • Anonymous

i got this phone its a exelent phone but if u download more than 700 songs its works slow

  • Shoab

I like the best thing of this mobile, complete music player solution with touchscreen and no worry for memory

  • Steven


As far as I know, you can copy mp3 files FROM and TO all Sony Ericsson Walkman Series phones without the need to convert it.

  • ScottY

@ Steve Ashford.

Your the loser here, you bought the phone knowing it had no camera and wi-fi then you moan? Think of it like this, Sony Ericsson Walkman Phones, no k now where in there does it say, Cyber-shot so your not going to expect a decent camera. Wi-Fi in a phone is retared atm no free wirless hotspots in most place, and people use laptops/pcs inside where wi-fi is avalible not a phone with a tiny screen.

  • ScottY

@ sash

as far as i know the W950i has not been discontinued. If you wanta Great MP3 playing phone then you could get the W850i if you like it, or wait for Nokia's N95 which could be crap no one knows yet, hyoe is just a load of bollocks you need lots of reviews not hype to determine a phone. AQsk your self a question, how often do i use a camera? Do i need a camera on a phone? If the answer is Yes then buy something else if No then the W950i is a great purchase its 4GB of flash memory and the best sounding phone on the market according to many reviews, then get this. I doubt you will be diapointed with all the other features you probably wont miss the camera!

  • sash

guys afta readin ya comments m totally confused as to wh fone shud i buy 4 ma birthday....m carryin sew800i 4 almost 8 months now and i love the fone 4 its sound quality and i love music...d only thing dats confusin me is dat i heard some1 sayin dat sew950i has been discontinued due to some problem n i hate n91...den again sew950i witout camera i js dont know wha 2 do...HELP!!!!!

  • jon

Another disadvantage is that you have to use Sonys propietary software to convert your mp3s as you copy them onto the player. This wastes a lot of time and is the main reason why i wouldnt buy this player. There is no reason for this. Mp3s should work fine without being converted, IMHO.

  • SE

I dun care this ph without camera or wifi. This ph is only the people who really crazy about music.. Let dance sony ericsson!

  • Steve Ashforth

This is just a shocking phone, and I'm shocked at all you losers for buying it. You all want to grow up. Who'd make a phone of this calibre and does not include WiFi. I am shocked and not at all impressed. The keypad is uncomfortable and there should be at least a 2 mega pixel camera on this phone. It's a phone for loser and hypochondriacs with no life.

  • RocketCat

i agree with Ali, i work in a phone store in denmark, and we get way too many Nokia 6111 nad N70's in for repair compared to Sony ericsson, witch for the most part is joystick malfunctioning, so just be sure to get a S//E without joystick and you're good (:

  • ali

i work in cpw.. and i have seen both phones.. and tbh out of the nokia n91 and sew95i i would diffinatly go for the sew950i for the following reasons

*its small
*its touch screen (screen not buttons)
*you can write on the screen using a styles
*you can easily make your own playlist's, delete songs, rate the songs, put the songs in a different mood catagory. example, sad, happy, fast, chill.

and tbh it doesnt have a camera which is a good thing for me.

some bad points

*dont like the feel of the keys
*dont like the scroller, its too hard or may b its my phone

and i actualy own the sew950i lol.

as for the nokia.. yes may b its a 4gig phone but that doesnt mean anything... the phone is simply too big you have to carry a bag for it you know.

i work in a repair center and 6/10 phones we get are nokia's such as nokia6111, nokn70,

the se are 1-2 out of ten which most of them are bcz of the joystick or waterdamage

my advice is that if you just want a phone which has mp3 which is quite advanced. and small than go for the sew950i

unless otherwise u wanna hang around with a weapon... for your own safety got for a nokn91.. funny thing is some customer almost asaulted me with a nokia n91 few days ago... bcz we werent repairing his phone (he had a water damage nokia n91 lol)

  • KaFuRaX

and why is no memory slot a disadvantage of the phone? it has got 4gb of memory inside...?

  • SeF


if the SE is copycating to nokia, then Nokia copycated to SAMSUNG,.. nokia did to make the N91 complete with features just to make sure they had the latest technology to beat SONY's tech know how,.. but in looks and style, it looses so much o SE... they come up with a future phone(as NokiaFans say) but killed the looks and apperance that more people already avoided it... more and more people prefered walkman handsets than N-91 for simple reasons: style/looks,functions and quality, and the very best of all: simplicity in which N-91 can't even offer to us...they had an 8Gb N-91,.. painted it black but still looks ugly and big and i dont even think it would beat IPOD or walkman's sales nowadays... and this W950 only needs time for proving itself as a music phone pioneer,.. N-91 already wasted it's time but still it's not as best selling as IPOD and WALKMAN...

  • kypha

i have none yet, not SE W950 nor N91, i like them both, nokia are no1 on the mobile market, but i don't think that they can match the performance in sound quality of sony. i'll probably buy the SE, i have one and i'm more familiarized with the menu