Sony Xperia T3 review: Wits and looks

11 August 2014
Sony's Xperia T lineup has been growing out of 007’s tux and the third generation is putting on a t-shirt. OK, an oversized t-shirt, although the T3 has lost some weight, and screen real-estate, compared to the T2. Gone is the Ultra moniker and the massive 6” display – the Xperia T3 is closer to smartphones than phablets.

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  • akhil
  • utN
  • 21 Nov 2015

Prasanna , 17 Oct 2015Stupid mobile gives me sim detection issues where same sim ... moreI faced same sim card problem...
Then I contacted sony service center they told me to change my sim card to 64k or 128k

    • P
    • Prasanna
    • YMr
    • 17 Oct 2015

    pratap sharama., 01 Aug 2015i thinking buy ya not buy xperia t3 please give me information.Stupid mobile gives me sim detection issues where same sim card was working fine on other mobiles...every time Ive to restart phone by removing sim card...moreover I bought it in Qatar when I go to India Sony center for service they won't do the servicing even u have international warranty stupid people throwing it and going for some other complete money waste

      • A
      • Amar Roy
      • s8h
      • 15 Sep 2015

      Sony Xperia t3 very nice

        • E
        • Erick
        • nIZ
        • 03 Sep 2015

        A beautiful device with a quality build. The screen is sharp and the feature set is excellent. As an owner I can strongly recommend this product.

          • k
          • kavindu
          • N7I
          • 21 Aug 2015

          i love T3 but the back cover is useless

            • p
            • pratap sharama.
            • U@H
            • 01 Aug 2015

            i thinking buy ya not buy xperia t3 please give me information.

              • N
              • Nobita
              • pFk
              • 29 May 2015

              Phone is heating too much ...

                • A
                • Arjun
                • v{$
                • 09 May 2015

                I actually dont understand why the auther says its costlier than z1.. I got it for almost half of the price of z1.... Any way its a decent phone for my usage

                  • u
                  • ugen
                  • U@H
                  • 14 Jan 2015

                  Today me & my friend,we going to buy Sony t3.
                  I don't know it good or not,but we paid 18000 & everybody is saying it good phone....

                    • s
                    • sandeep
                    • t1$
                    • 28 Dec 2014

                    Can i do video calling with my Xperia t3

                      • v
                      • vijay
                      • GRN
                      • 15 Nov 2014

                      ghenceaRO, 21 Aug 2014Awful photos, noisy and that HDR setting is weird. AR effec... moremy t3 phone front camera not working can some one help me

                        • c
                        • copper iv
                        • ftV
                        • 19 Oct 2014

                        the design is what am going for, its slim normal size screen for me, lovely shiny silver line around d side,well crafted glass in d front.....honestly it's a beautiful piece to hold, people will always look @ ur hand. I love Sony......1st in design

                          • b
                          • biased
                          • fkP
                          • 24 Sep 2014

                          Saying that the t3 price is higher than the price of the z1 is just a terrible lie! I compared the prices online and on the local stores in my city and found out that the t3 is $150 cheaper than the z1, even the launch price of the t3 is still lower than the current price of the z1......

                          I know that the phone seems to be overpriced but you really overstated this.

                            • A
                            • Angelakie Singh
                            • KAe
                            • 07 Sep 2014

                            This Sonyxperia T3 Is Going To Be Rock .....It Is Ammazing .... I Luv It

                              • m
                              • marco
                              • P@c
                              • 28 Aug 2014

                              would love this if they equipped waterproofing function

                                • g
                                • ghenceaRO
                                • sp7
                                • 21 Aug 2014

                                Awful photos, noisy and that HDR setting is weird. AR effects is for who? Kids are going to pay 600 USD for that phone to have dinosaurs in pictures? Please. So still no improvements for Sony's cameras. Good design though.

                                  • p
                                  • piyal
                                  • K6m
                                  • 17 Aug 2014

                                  In my country (Bangladesh), sony phones price depreciates very quickly. I bought Xperia sp after 5 months of the release date and it was $150 cheaper than it's initial price. I'm sure the price will drop below the prices of the other phones mentioned here

                                    • ?
                                    • Anonymous
                                    • nZm
                                    • 14 Aug 2014

                                    AnonD-251095, 11 Aug 2014"The volume levels are once again the only problem wit... moreI'm wondering at what volume levels you (and the reviewers) are listening. The M2 was rated as "quiet" also, and I can barely bear its 3rd volume level with my in-ears. There is also enough headroom for deafening volume for on-ear headphones.

                                    I guess this phone is not for those with impaired hearing.

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                                      • why? sony T3
                                      • 3sE
                                      • 14 Aug 2014

                                      Sony T3 in south africa cost R1 800 and Z1 & Z2 is R1 600 .

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                                        • why ? sony T3
                                        • 3sE
                                        • 14 Aug 2014

                                        I think I will buy blackberry