Samsung Galaxy Alpha review: Galaxy reboot

21 August 2014
Utilitarian Samsung has finally put on their premium hat to produce a device with more refined looks and manageable size to match the upcoming iPhone 6. An Android super mini and an iPhone 6 competitor, the Alpha puts aluminum back in Samsung's...

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  • Goga

AnonD-426737, 07 Aug 2015Can anyone tel me how is the camera clarity in alpha? Alpha extreem

  • MG

The phone is a good one and the camera is excellent. However my advice is not to buy the phone as the battery is not available. Are we supposed to change a phone that cost around Rs. 35,000/- only because the battery is not available?

  • milson

hey ,
anyone get latest update in samsara ALPHA

  • Anonymus

Alpha is a good phone. But after one & half years time suddenly dead. Alpha agent said that it cannot repair due to cannot replace power amp.

  • Anonymous

32bit or 64bit ??

  • Dogma

This is the best phone i've ever had. I wanted to buy Z3c but after reading a lot about it's cracking issues i decided to buy an Alpha. I flashed Ozcan ROM and duki994 kernel.....this phone flies :) Not once it hanged or slowed down which is strange for android. I bought mine for 200€ 6 months ago which i think is a great price...never liked samsung much but i have to say this is probably their only phone worth buying considering the price drop

  • AnonD-426737

Can anyone tel me how is the camera clarity in alpha?

  • aster21

after software update 2 days ago, blocking mode is disappeared. Now there is don't disturb mode Instead :( Do you know how return blocking mode back?

  • Anonymous

Sahil, 04 May 2015the battery life will not be a problem now.Samsung has rele... moreFrom where to get this battery ?

  • pai5000

Sahil, 04 May 2015the battery life will not be a problem now.Samsung has rele... moreWhere to find this batt?

  • AnonD-190138

WRONG benchmark result on atutu benchmark.. if you turn off power saving mode, then Galaxy alpha can score up to 49000-50000 on atutu benchmark because power saving limits cpu speed. Mine is still on kitkat and scored 49413 on atutu

  • Michel from France


How to demonstrate there's no barometer because the samsung support and customer service say there is one?


  • Sahil

the battery life will not be a problem now.Samsung has released an official extended battery(2500mAh)for the alpha...

  • jedics

AnonD-258623, 06 Oct 2014 If I'm not wrong... Some lucky persons still use Galaxy S2... moreI feel exactly the same way, my s2 is ancient compared to the alpha but I am completely underwhelmed in every way. Especially seeing I could get an S4 which is as good or better and can be had for about $200 less.

This evolution rather than evolution of releases has worn very thin with me, with the tools online for comparison nowadays I can easily see how little the camera's have improved as I can battery life and display. Its just not nearly good enough improvements over much cheaper alternatives.

  • AnonD-340459

AnonD-97487, 25 Oct 2014Did you ever find out if the display is Gorilla Glass?It is Gorilla Glass 4.

  • this guy here

AnonD-2271, 23 Aug 2014I have two S4, one i9505 and a google play edition. Is ther... moreCan you honestly not see where the alpha has better specs than a s4? Or are you just being retarded and not actually reading the specs. Faster more efficient processor, faster ram, newer OS, and more durable. So yeah, explain to me how the s4 specs better than the alpha. Oh btw, look at alpha's benchmarks. Really the only phones beating it are note 4 and OPPO find 7.

  • dynamite_dar

This will gonna be my new phone soon!
What i want on this phone:
1. The weight - only 115g
2. The metal frame - looks premium
3. 20nm processor - means power efficient
4. Big.little cpu - means battery efficient
5. So thin - only 6.7mm

Solutions to the problems to be encountered in owning this phone:
1. Small battery - you can buy more than one spare batteries with desktop charger so you can change batteries anytime anywhere.
2. No expandable memory - you can buy otg cable or host cable & pop in a 64gb flash drive to transfer all your files.

I own S2, S3, S4 and recently note3 for 6 months & during those times i always wish to have a small version of note3 coz i felt having to carry a big phone is so inconvenient. I almost want to go for iphone 5s due to its size & weight but the lack of removable battery & compatible usb otg halts me.

Samsung galaxy alpha will be definitely my new phone, and its the scuba blue color!

  • AnonD-97487

Did you ever find out if the display is Gorilla Glass?

  • AnonD-258623

If I'm not wrong... Some lucky persons still use Galaxy S2.. and after seein the release of Alpha.. I'm on a thought of buying this one too.. definitely not gonna leave my S2..Alpha design is great .. But there are still more we expect.. Like.... battery life.. expandable memory.. & few more...
S2 lovers love this Alpha... but with specs only this much.. il stay with my S2.. until .. may be. there is sone Alpha Plus or something with something more.. ;l)

  • AnonD-297545

Anonymous, 28 Sep 2014Help me choose. Do I buy this or zc3? Plz help.Sony xperia z3 compact