Nokia 5500 Sport review: Smartphone for active lifestyle

22 October 2006
If Nokia 5500 Sport doesn’t manage to win you with its combination of a modern Symbian and a resistant body, you will surely give in to its touchpad control, its numerous functions that help you enhance your physical condition, or to its incoming SMS reader.

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  • asterix

I have 5500 for almost 3 years and it still works fantastic!

  • Anonymous

it reads your sms to you amazing

  • Anonymous

just wondering if anyone knows if you can get an adapter that can make the phone ready to receive a pair of 3.5mm headphones?

  • Gordon

I bought this phone and within 2 months the keypad started to fall off. I tried to repair it with clue but that does not work for long. I have meet one other 5500 owner and he had the same complaint. would not recommend this phone.

  • Bador

It's actually a very good phone. It has been very usefull in my career(i'm not an athlete).i can install a lot of good programs(though,limited because of it's screen size), great speaker, good camera, not bulky and fits in my pocket unconspicuously. but nokia should have known better about the key pad problem. they could have at least made available some key pad replacements to be purchase if it's not included in the warranty.
I have glued it and so far it has no signs of peeling off(4 months)so keypad aside.. i still believe that this is an excellent phone. I'm looking forward for an upgraded version and hopefully with a sturdy keypad.

  • new york

bought this phone, cover came off in a week, Nokia Care won't help (don't answer phone), say it is not covered under warranty. DO NOT BUY

  • Anonymous

Does this phone have a phone charming slot? I know it seems silly but its really important to me, the diffrence between this and the E50. I think I see it on the bottom...

  • Mark

Very Disappointed with the 5500 Sport form Nokia. It has to be charged every 2 days, if you make or receive calls then every day. The key pad to answer or end call is to small. You need to have good eye sight to see the display. Compared to 5140 and the 5100 the 5500 phone is the worst phone I have ever owned. Nokia get your act together.

  • maximus

-keypad has come off within 2 months.Nokia care(green park,delhi) says it is(keypad) not under warranty..or sometimes they say they donot 've it in stock,just 2 save their a** .
-handsfree connector is loose(spoils whole music listening),submitted for replacement ,got it after 34 days,still the same f***in problem..
-battery life is very less(

  • Mac

Great phone. Battery was much better than I expected...3-4 days with 20-30 mins calls/day, some sms and mp3 use.

  • Anonymous

w710 is much betterrrrr as sport phoe ..

  • Nevs

Disappointing battery life- ~ 2 days - even with light useage. Pity radio doesn't work without earphone attachment.
Font should be bigger on screen. camera reasonable - nothing to write home about. Counter intuitive menu functions - overly complex....and I'm only 44!! I somehow expected much more sport ruggedness - for watersports too. Not that impressed - Ericcson 310 still the most rugged - even though old now!!

  • tom

I've got the same problem with the keypad. I really love this phone but I think nokia shut take a look at this problem.

  • saman

its very good

  • david

mine came off in my hand and went every where

  • love it but...BIG WA

I love this phone. Its sturdy, has Symbian 60 v3, easy to use (OK-small screen-but its not bulky). BUT-a HUGE problem with its keypad.

The first time it came off in 2 weeks-it was glued back by the service center and came off in another 2 days; the reseller changed it it for a NEW. In ONE MONTH-the keypad of the new one has come off. I am now trying to get it fixed or replaced. If anyone here knows anyoone in NOKIA or knows their recall policy-they should be told that they are screwing up an amazing phone due to poor workmanship on ONE aspect of it-the keypad.
PS: the one minute con of the dictaphone can be got over by installing ALON MP3 dictaphone. the small screen display also makes it the smallest S60 phone in the market (look at the bulky N80 and the N9x series!!)


I bought the phone to replace my 5140i and l sold it in 2 days keeping the 5140i.
Nokia made a phone that only young people with no vision problem can operate.The fonts are so small that on the accessories list they should include a magnifying lens.Otherwise the layout of controls in the keypad is not a NOKIA and you must try hard to get used to it.

  • Broou

tha best Phone :)

  • martin

Had the phone for 2 months.... Keypad is glued only... came off last week. Get this... I'm from Canada and since it's a european phone, Nokia didn't want to give the support to out of England's clients... nice !!!

  • celluly

Siemens made the first outdoor lifestyle phone and they are still best at it. check out this torture test on M75.

can Nokia withstand this?