Nokia 5500 Sport review: Smartphone for active lifestyle

22 October 2006
If Nokia 5500 Sport doesn’t manage to win you with its combination of a modern Symbian and a resistant body, you will surely give in to its touchpad control, its numerous functions that help you enhance your physical condition, or to its incoming SMS reader.

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  • Dildo Muncher

Dis fone iz da shizzle ma man! 4 shore and fo reel! i had a 3220 dood and dis will shizzle on it 4 shorz, carnt w8 4 dis man, will be da bom! WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  • Anonymous

i'd have bought this phone
but won't! just becoz of it's REALLY small display, that too in a smartphone. :@

  • Anonymous

Thanks For The Review

  • Anonymous

okay fone if ur into sportyness. its not ugly. okay camera.