Motorola Moto G (2014) review: Baby steps

22 September 2014
As a successor to the most successful smartphone in Motorola’s history, the second generation Moto G surely has hefty expectations to meet. A year after the XT1032 redefined the budget smartphone category by combining high-res screen, quality hardware...

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  • Anonymous

Phone super prise lowe

  • Anonymous

Can't get passed the Google login page

  • Smiggy

David, 25 Apr 2016This is completely useless mobile lots of hang every time u touc... moreHaving read your comments I can only assume you had a bad experience. I have had no problems at all with this phone and absolutely love it! I have had no problems with overheating or slowing down and can honestly say it's the best I've ever used and does everything I want it to do.

  • AnonD-554860

Olivia, 10 Feb 2016Please do not buy this phone. It does not work well. The battery... moreWtf, how?? Mine runs smooth since first day

  • David

This is completely useless mobile lots of hang every time u touch mobile auto heated evan if you don't use mobile will become heat by itself. baterry life is more worse than micromax. i suggested my friends not to buy this mobile. its stupid and bulshit mobile.

  • BkB

King, 16 Feb 2016Mobile facing hanging some times, it take more tm for starting, ... moreNo. It is very good mobile

  • King

Mobile facing hanging some times, it take more tm for starting, other wise no problem and we want 4G software in this mobile, please.

  • Olivia

Please do not buy this phone. It does not work well. The battery life is not good. The front camera stopped working in a few months. If you have 3 or 4 apps installed the phone works slower than a turtle. This was the first and the last time I will ever buy a motorola product. Buying this phone was the biggest mistake of my life.

  • Suman

I'm using this phone for almost one and a half years. Good phone with impressive software for its budget. But its battery drains very fast and it do not perform well in 3d games and hangs. Good phone for the budget

  • Anonymous

Don't buy this mobile it has so many problems within 4 months i have faced many problems the dialer won't work(you can't answer the call) ,google play music won't work,if you put a power bank it automatically switches off sometimes and at same time power button won't work and you get frustrated, it won't get charged,

  • viral

battery was no long and charging very slowly........

  • Akp

I am using moto g2 n now after 4 mths later i am facing battery issue. The battery issue is dat when i charge our fon and plucked out it then after my fon still shows charging .
I wanna 2 know that why this pblm i m facing..
I have done everything like that restore our fone,in safe mode as well as update again but still pblm...

  • Anonymous

No4G very feeling...

  • shashi

Battery low fastle

  • AnonD-434942

I have bought Motorola 2nd gen 2 months back. There is problem in inserting sim cards and at once suddenly stopped working. when I was trying to open any app in my phone it was not getting open and I switched off my phone and then tried to switch it on again but was not at all getting on. After a great struggle it was showing starting page that "POWERED BY ANDROID" WITH MOTOROLA SYMBOL. For hours ans hours it was showing that page only. I got really very frustrated and i have requested for replacing my phone with another phone but company service members were telling that they wont replace my phone. now I am in big trouble all my important files are in my phone itself........

  • @nku₹

Verry very nice . . . . . .superb. .

  • ART

I had bought moto G2 almost two months back. The phone is very good in features but having call pick up problem. We have to call back the caller. The person calling gets irritated on why person is not picking up my phone. The problem developed almost closed to month after installations of varIous app. I had called up call centre just two days before 30days of return policy and the person on support told to perform factory reset which was done couple of times. Post factory reset problem again developed almost week later. By the time return policy expired and I was told to get in touch with service centre which is in thane. Patches were applied and it worked for couple of days. Again same problem developed. Despite of writing email to customer support no response from flipkart. If you have time to visit service centre multiple times. This is phone for you. Be careful before you buy. Read review of buyers first then buy.

Flipkart launching G3. Flipkart does not allow posting review of g2 on G3. People buying fresh product will get chance to know what may happen if you buy this. Restricted for sufferers to post reviews.

  • AnonD-360499

Bro you should have been reserved before you should reset your phone...

  • AnonD-412024

This Motog 2 is a useless phone.Never buy this phone.It hangs too much almost every time.Battery backup is too low.I have purchased it a week ago and now I think it's price should be below one thousand.

  • Anonymous