Sony Xperia Z3 review: Hat trick

24 September 2014
To say we are eager to get the Xperia Z3 out for a spin would be a massive understatement – with the race track still warm from the Compact. After all, if the Robin in Sony’s IFA lineup can do that well, we can only imagine...

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Roroy , 19 Feb 2019Please any body there can help me bout my phone Coz even I ... moreIts means this mobile phone is not best for use.. I baught this model. What are your opinion i buy this phone or not

  • Dave

I got z3 yesterday but has been battling to put on my data but without success. What am seeing is "Service provider data accounting may differ from your device. No apps used data during this period". What do I do?

  • Dobre

I like that phone.

  • Roroy

Please any body there can help me bout my phone Coz even I know how to transfer doesn't go in sd card even I buy a new sd phone have. Problem by now like it's hang up when I use coz my phone internal memory is full

  • kenn akide

service center are telling me that my phones motherboard is damaged how do i get a new one?, i like the phone, i don't want to loose it.

  • Anonymous

i have problem wit screen too

  • Googie

Hi how do i get to options to delete messages on xperia3?

  • Lyss

Idk...those camera samples are really turning me off to this phone. A camera is such a deal breaker for me tbh

  • galthe

is sony experia z3 can use in any country..i bought it in japan,but it is not sim free,,can you help me to unlock it,thank you

  • Anonymous

KASHI, 13 Jul 2015I was listening to music and then after a while I realized ... moreI have a similar problem and I need help

  • Sash


  • Yan Nasution

I have this unit since 2014, the unit is excellent, camera, and all systems which are built in this unit is excellent within 2 years after that the problem is raised particularly at screen (hang) due to warranty is over. and I pay from my pocket at Sony service center at Roxy area Jakarta this is the ones service center atJakarta with over 12 million population and cost me at almost in Us$ 100, and the Sony shall be mirrored with that the competitor from Korea, to serve the unit that took almost 2 months, after that the unit is normal to enter the third years the same problem (hang) is reraised, and I brought back to Sony SC and this take almost 1 month and cost me at US $ 50, and Sony SC just give me warranty at 24 hours for same problem, ( can you imagine warranty at 24 Hours?) I already tired to against this problem. I suggest to Sony to pay special attention after sales service if you still desire to compete with the others..


Jonny, 13 Feb 2017Z1 and Z3 has drained my pocket...screen are awful everytim... morei have had this phone 3months and had there cracjed screen. i would not buy this faulty product and i don't know how sony sleep at night. bloody disgrace any other product would havebeen taken of the shelf. sonyexperia shame on you!

  • Andrew

Ayaz , 02 May 2017Can any body please tell me that xperia z3 has camera probl... moreI had a blue tint but it was my fault not xperia's fault.
I put blue etui on my xperia, that was 2 mm thick and had blue edge.
That was the reason I painted the edge with black waterproof marker and photos became correct.

  • Ayaz

Can any body please tell me that xperia z3 has camera problem, any shade, pink tint??

This phone has the best image processing on any Xperia smartphone ever made. I've tried to compare the Z3 to the XZ in GSMArena's Photo Compare Tool and was surprised to have a better processed image than the XZ. Let's see how the XZs does, but seems like not much improvement at all with the sample shots

  • Tequilla7777

Best phone

  • Anonymous

khen, 12 Mar 2017i would like to ask. if sony z3 is good for any apps. like ... moreNone of the Sony apps are any good. Stick with Google's apps and other 3rd party apps over the Sony garbage.

  • khen

i would like to ask. if sony z3 is good for any apps. like messenger, facebook, go sms. this pone accept or allowed this kind of application if im install