iPhone 6 vs. Galaxy Alpha vs. Xperia Z3 Compact: Three kings

13 October 2014
We're looking for the best phone with a sub-5" screen. At a time when the best features seem to only come with the largest display, there's a strange, almost rebellious feel to it. No need to tell you, we're enjoying it. The Apple iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy Alpha and the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact are...

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  • Anonymous

IPhone 6

  • Hang Up

HNG was captured by Galaxy Aloha Xperia Z3 Compact iPhone 6

  • AnonD-727892

AnonD-523564, 07 Apr 2016I got a z3c, had it a while, no scratches, iPhones are made... moreiPhones are made to break??!! Every phone breaks and iPhone 6 isn’t the only phone which bends and you clearly don’t mind that the Note7 explodes when you charge it, if you are lucky it wont explode

  • Anonymous

Nickss, 04 Aug 2015For me Sony Xperia Z3 is the best because it can last up to... moreThe Z3 Compact just lasts 14 months? I have my iPhone 5 since april 2013, that's 44 months and it still works pretty good (only one mic and lower volume button are defective and would also still be good if I treated it better). I could easily last another one or two years with it but I will change it for iPhone 7. But I know someone who will use his one until it dies completely. He thought it will last 2 years, he has it longer than me and still no signs of age. iPhones are just the most durable phones out there

  • android user

I disagree with the camera coparison the iphone 6 camera looked the best

  • AnonD-523564

AnonD-179772, 07 Mar 2015I have the Sony and I think it is the best option here. By ... more100% agreed

  • AnonD-523564

teraferma, 09 Apr 2015iphone6 = will bend like a banana and weak as p!$$ sony Xp... moreI got a z3c, had it a while, no scratches, iPhones are made to break, because the people that use them are usually pricks, with no sense, and they don't mind paying 200 euro to fix a little scratch on the screen, or 150 euro to fix the speaker, Apple are money hungry, always have been and always will be, Samsung sucks 2 although nowhere near as much as Apple, so I would recommend the z3c, battery alone makes it worth it, especially when upgraded to lollipop

  • Roby

mikael, 30 Mar 2015iPhone 6 - Rs 44,000 Sony Z3Compact - Rs 34,000 Samsung A... moreApple of course runnerup sony

  • Anonymous

Limited, 19 Oct 2014I think its for everyday use. It's a new method to keep oth... moreTry using a fingerprint reader in winter...

  • Turtle

tim, 28 Jan 2015Dwar Nick, Thank you for dropping an unprotected glass p... moreHave dropped my z2, z3c many times without the tpu case and all they had were a few dents. They even fell from my fridge when i opened the freezer door with them on top and they are still working with no cracks...maybe i have soft ceramic tiles.

  • Your njcknoshin

shiva, 13 Sep 2015Samsung galaxy alpha is d awesome phone very stylish n slim... moreComment

  • shiva

Samsung galaxy alpha is d awesome phone very stylish n slim thanks samsung

  • Anonymous

"...Still, the glass back is impractical - not as cool as metal, as easy to scratch as plastic and it shatters too (unlike metal and plastic)...."

If "glass" scratches easy then it is NOT glass but hardened plastic. Real glass doesn't scratch (easy). Iphone 4/4s which have real glass backs don't scratch "easy" and thus Xperia's should be the same with regards to scratch resistance. But alas I have a Z1compact and indeed the backpanel scratches fairly easy... thus IMHO it is not real glass.

  • Nickss

For me Sony Xperia Z3 is the best because it can last up to 14 months but after this months, my cellphone won't working properly. It always hangs and it won't charging anymore but still its the best when compares with the two others that's not lasts long like this phone.

  • Anonymous

But after seeing all song wins

  • tathagat

fft, 14 Oct 2014so good all is great but dont forget king of 2014 is m8.comparison is between sub-five inch dude.....

  • haris

mikael, 30 Mar 2015iPhone 6 - Rs 44,000 Sony Z3Compact - Rs 34,000 Samsung A... moreGood job. Including the price give us the. Clear winner

  • AnonD-190138

ACTUALLY galaxy alpha scores 49000- 50000 on atutu while power saving is OFF. power saving actually limit gaming performances too(only high end games are affected..i guess)mine is still on kitkat btw

  • AnonD-398785

Samsung Alpha Is The Best Phone In The World

  • Marco

You have to give a credit to Sony. Phones are not their number one products, but they made them great!
Z3 compact is realy nice phone and i hope it will last long as my Arc S... that phone still works but i got Z3C so i dont use it. Anyway... Been using Sony phones for 7-8 years, and they never failed me.