Huawei Ascend Mate7 review: Stargazer

17 October 2014
The Huawei Ascend Mate7 is the company's first phablet ready for primetime, with two credible midrangers in the Mate series giving Huawei the confidence to stand up to rival flagships. Never mind the digit in the title, the Mate7 is actually a 6" device...

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  • Nyaquimah

My Sim two its not reading

  • Anonymous

smith, 21 Oct 2019please my sim two is not displaying only writting nfc so an... moreSame to it doesn't show my simcard and I don't know why I can't buy again

  • Bebo

I bought it on 2015, Screen had some minor issues that after i started turning it on, Shop said must go to warranty, even though it just comes out of the box. So saved the hassle and lived with it.
Now Battery is draining like crazy, Can't charge
Keeping it for 24 hours on charging, can't pass 3%
Contacted Huawei Customer service online, No reply
I'm paying money for your services before the phone, Would never purchase Huawei again after this terrible issues since day 1 , and the customer service ignorance.

  • smith

please my sim two is not displaying only writting nfc so an it has a china writting during factory reset

  • Anonymous

indirah, 26 Jan 2016i bought this phone this week, in Dubai from EMAX. I see h... moreGot one on 10 jounry 2017. After only 14 days of very light to no use got wihte patches on it's screen
sent it for the warranty and still don't get replacement


  • coolstan

sabs, 08 Apr 2016Dont upgrade to marsallow phone getting overheated.batteryi... moreStop deceiving people. There's nothing wrong with marshmallow on the mate 7 and there's no overheating or battery drain. I doubt you even have the device.
Am running B571 marshmallow on the MT7-L10 gold. It's fast, buttery smooth and everything runs like clockwork.

  • AnonD-577349

I am having issues accessing the contact, log and messages, is there any solution to fix this problem.

  • Satendra

I bought this phone in June 2015, without any expectations, but it is one of the best used till date! There are so many hidden things that u will discover, only once you use it, and enjoy!


Ascend mate7-TL10 v 128 has one defect,that email receiving note not work properly it need update,i hope huawei comp.hears that complain ,thanks.

  • sabs

AnonD-431537, 01 Apr 2016Is mate 7 upgradeable to marshmallow now or only beta versionDont upgrade to marsallow phone getting overheated.batteryis draining fast

  • freddie

i want to buy the Mate 7 as in now today >>>what do think i should or not cos i like the style of it ???

how can we get marshmallow update for mate 7 MT7-TL10 please some one help us

  • AnonD-431537

Is mate 7 upgradeable to marshmallow now or only beta version

  • AnonD-431537

You said it is upgradable to lollipop 5.1.1 and works with ennui 3.1 but huawei says diktat 4.2.2 and ennui 3 how can I upgrade my phone.please help me.

  • jalal, g

The most imporatant feature of this mobile is battery. Before this I had htc e9, lg g 4,galaxy note 3, but it is better than all those shit mobiles. Before buying , I was a opponant for huwaei but after buying , I am a lover of this brand, buy it don't dought

  • Sunshine

mobileawesomeness, 19 Nov 2015Let me help you all out: 1. Lolipop update: Its out since ... moreI totally agree

  • huawei mate 7

display& screen i want

  • indirah

i bought this phone this week, in Dubai from EMAX.
I see here comments about good battery, holding the phone 3 days?! where, how,???
This battery runs out after one day, lets say MAX 10 calls a day, so is wrong. i need to go and see what is wrong. ..except me that i bought it

  • mj

Bought my Huawer Mate 7 last April 2015 recently the apps on my phone was deleted and much more it hangs and shuts down on its own and becomes very hot since it is still of warranty i brought back the phone to the store where i bought it and heres the problem its been a month and a half now my phone isn't fixed yet ,i miss my phone and the store has no response. I felt betrayed and dissatisfied.Hope Huawei company could address my problem as i believe so much of your product.Thank you.

  • A random human

Mobilemaster, 18 Oct 2014Only 67 hours of battery life??? What a shame!!!Your needs per day will not reach up to 67h. Do u know how many days 67h are?? Approximately 3 days!! It's 3 days!! 3 Twenty four hours!! I dont think you would want to use ur phone for over a year or something. 67h aren't a disappointment when u compare this phone to other brands that last for 6 - 7 hrs. Chill!