Sony Xperia E3 review: Blue collar

26 October 2014
Sony’s cheapest LTE smartphone - that is the Xperia E3 key selling point, but is it more to it than that? It has the same design language as the Sony Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact so the trendy looks are also here and we have the latest Android KitKat decked...

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  • Krose

When I first got this phone I was disappointed at the fact that storage is only 1.75 GB. 1 GB is already used up by built in apps so storage is absolutely terrible. The camera works but it can be awful at times. Short WiFi range, battery life sucks. But a positive is that the screen is basically unbreakable, I have dropped it on concrete, down my stairs, on the kitchen floor without a screen protector and there is not a scratch.

But my Sony has broke, it won’t allow me to type in the password on the lock screen so it’s totally bust. It’s £50 to get it fixed and for this phone NO. Just buy a damn Samsung or iPhone yeah they cost a lot, but it’s better than this crap.

  • Kamal

Good company is sony xperia

  • mes

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2016Capacity of Sd card that can support in this phonei tried 64gb cat10 and worked

  • Anonymous

Capacity of Sd card that can support in this phone

  • Ejyksbaba

Very good solid pretty and reliable midrange phone with high grade battery economy and general performance. Only problem is the sim card cradle is highly tricky.

  • Anonymous

This phone isn't good at all. There is very little space to install any apps. I had to uninstall updates to bloatware just so I could install the Barclays banking app. The low resolution display didn't ever bother me though.

  • Mag

Worst phone I have ever seen! Not internal memory, cannot install apps,very worst phone, never buy this.poor memory, poor battery life,

  • Anonymous

It is one of the worst phone ihave come across after purchasing the phone in october 2014 ,it got formated 4 times, and still it will go on hanging , we can't expect such bad design from sony , it is trial and error desing they have not done any R & D on this model and making the customer phools in the brand name very poor design , I don't suggest to buy any Sony phone

  • Anna

Anonymous, 19 Dec 2015The internal memory of this phone is a joke, It is advertis... moreTotally agree with you I have to delete several apps in order to keep its speed. This phone is a shit

  • km

this phone is a shit.don ever buy ds phone.lotz of problem .if u fix also again it wil occur.battery prblm,camera quality poor,internal memory low n so on.uncountable prblm .m totally pised off.mistake of my life in buying ds phone

  • gurpreet

Don't show punjabi status on whats up in my e3 phone
Plz help Me for this problem......?

  • Anonymous

The internal memory of this phone is a joke, It is advertised as 4GB but actually it is only 1.72GB (Total Space) Most apps cannot be transferred to SD card. Every day the phone displays internal memory nearly full, transfer to SD Card, but you are unable to transfer most of the apps because they are built in and non transferable.

  • Anonymous

yes its very nice... i am very happy about use this phone... soni is very very nice..

  • ga

cool mobile

  • rou

good battery life, for only 1 week from the buy!!!! now battery life max 1 day with no internet, no music... only talking time 2-3 hours max.
small internal memory space, SD card is not freeing as much memory as i hoped it will. its moving ok browsing the internet or social media apps.
Wi-Fi good but relatively short range capacity (own a samsung, bettere wi-fi range).
overall 7/10 phone .

  • roseann

Anonymous, 17 Jun 2015Is this one waterproof too? If not, why?? And the picture I... moreIm e3 user too is thus a water proof?

  • shadees

excellent phone................

  • ankesh

joban , 07 Jul 2015Processor and touch performance is best then Samsung phones.Yes dude

  • Bazheer mohamed

I will use Sony Xperia e3,my internal storage 1.75Gp only.already complain in brunei buy and repair shop.he told me buy sd card.useless mobile phone 📱

  • Luckey

How can i see call duration on this sheet?