Samsung Galaxy Note Edge review: The other side

14 November 2014
Experiments are great but it takes manufacturing prowess to follow them all the way to the retail shelves. Samsung have it – no surprise there – and they pulled it off, bringing the Galaxy Note Edge to stores. Never mind that curved screen looks like...

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Ashwini Kumar, 09 Dec 2018I Purchased this phone and looks like was a great mistake, ... moreJUST do updates. All those issues are history...

  • Farooq Ali Khan

I need Samsung not edge

  • Ashwini Kumar

I Purchased this phone and looks like was a great mistake, it hangs almost everyday and gets restarted. Battery is pathetic and cant even flash this as it wont start once Switched off.
Took it to samsung store they kept it for a while and told me they don't have any answer for this. Never purchase samsung experimental devices.

  • Luke

My samsung note edge scream is having a problem, how can i get a new scream and touch

  • Mia

The phone was great at first I bought it new in 2015. I have taken great care of it. Now it over heats and is constantly restarting I cannot use the flash because the phone will restart. It dies at 40% battery life. I've replaced the battery and nothing has changed I took it back to the store and they said it's a common problem people are having and to get a new phone. It's never been wet, dropped, or out of its case.

shivakumar, 16 Jul 2016My phone is getting swithed off when it comes to 50 prese... moreIts ok it seems that the problem from the battery not the phone. Replace your battery. Also u can factory reset ur phone before. Somtimes it works. But getting a new battery will fix it.

  • AnonD-752613

my note edge is gd phone especialy i been using note , note2 , note3 and this note edge finally started behave strange past one mth odin receovery after self restart , suddenly restart , seems overheating , and tried batteries 4-5pcs none seems to last more then a day . worst sometimes when on fast charging it get hot then it freeze in vibrate by itself . . .

  • AnonD-571279

Fred, 10 Aug 2016Phone gets real hot goes flat at 41 per cent only to start ... morejust factory reset the will solve the heating issue..mostly after the marshmallow update..doing a factory reset helps

  • Fred

Phone gets real hot goes flat at 41 per cent only to start recharge from same level have to charge three times per day been to samsung service dept only to be told to busy to see me even if I waited three hours next time I will stay with Apple very unhappy with service offered

  • shivakumar

My phone is getting swithed off when it comes to 50 present. Can you tell me what is the is one and a half year I brought the phone.

  • murti

My note 4 edge hangs some times and the touch does not work with finger have to use its stylus or restart it

  • Anonymous

Must buy!!
Too good!!

  • bigsmoke

Please my samsung galaxy note edge is having a critical issue...and a black ink spot just appeared in front of my screen though little but I fear it will expand and cause terrible damage to my device.please assist. What is the possibility or otherwise restoring my phone?

  • AnonD-487548

why my galaxy note edge is keeping on CONTACT LIST IS BEING UPDATED. and my contacts on my phone book is gone. how could i restore my contacts. pls help.

  • rhenz

i have a samsung galaxy note edge and when i make the update my contacts have gone. how can i retrieve my contacts? my samsung edge is just showing contacts updating and it never stop.

  • Anonymous

My Samsung galaxy note 4 was stolen, I have the imie number can it ever be retrieved or destroyed?

  • khokon

joking want operat it live Barry soon...


this phone is amazing if you want buy this phone undoubtedly buy it

  • Anonymous

Amy, 02 Jun 2015I'm thinking of upgrading from Note 2 to Note Edge, too. Wi... moreI think u should go for note4 all the features which are given are almost as committed by Samsung sp battery life awesome

  • Strale

sorv, 18 Jan 2015Guys.. tell me abt the battery life n is it worth buying ed... moreIf you chare Note Edge normal way it take's around 8h (4h of gamenig,you tube,chetting) and 4h of inactive... so if you will use fone normal it can take full day.. but if you use fast charging it will take aroung 4h even if it's on standbay ... but i think it is very good phone.. and I enjoy using it :-)
P.S. sorry on my bad english...