Lenovo Vibe X2 review: Rainbow of colors

18 December 2014
The Motorola acquisition will put even more wind in the sail of outward bound Lenovo but blockbuster smartphones carrying their own brand are needed just as much, both at home in China and internationally. The QHD Vibe Z2 Pro is undoubtedly the top-of-the range offering, but what about...

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my cell fone is going hang and I want to upgrade my phones software how I make upgrade

  • musi

Body shape good.
But not battery life

  • Parth

SoulJahBG, 20 Dec 2014Nice phone (except the battery) for it's price. :)Correct

  • AnonD-343068

where can I find vibe x2 speaker extension of jbl ? please reply

  • toqeer

It have really 2gp ram I think it have 1 go ram????

  • toqeer

Nice mobile but memory lost......

  • Anonymous

Thank For The Inform

  • vmsuresh kumar

pls takecare while your buying vibe x2 ap lenovo mobail.mother boad damaged within 20days
my phone is still under repair....not yet.........

  • Anonymous

OMG! Battery only 2300 mah?! They should pack atleast 3500 mah battery. No wonder, user are complaining about its battery life in lenovo forums.

  • AZKL

Just bought it for a month. The good things :
1). Nice design.
2). Light weight.
3). Fast responsive.
4). Big Storage (32GB).
5). Big Memory (2GB).
6). LTE support.
7). 2 sim support.
8). Battery Comsumption everage.

Bad thing :
1). No extra memory slot.
2). Not support OTG cable.
3). GPS cannot pin point accurately. Always jumping around while driving.

Its ok if not have extra slot for memory card as long support OTG cable which we can connent USB pen drive. Its ok cannot open the battery cover because today we can use powerbank. If lenove make it support OTG Cable and good GPS receiver.. I will give 4 star for this phone.

Cheers guys.

  • opo

i like the design, and i dont see it copy anyone,

  • thabo

hah! this looks like my experia z3 copper. damn copycats!

  • Anonymous

Copy of Sony. These chinese companies must look for new design seriously

  • Anonymous

I don't know about europian market , but here in asia vibe x2 costs only $200-250
all other phones except honor6 are costs more than what x2 costs !

  • Shahid

AnonD-321322, 19 Dec 2014The iPhone itself was a modified copy of an unused Sony design. ... moreWell said

  • SoulJahBG

Nice phone (except the battery) for it's price. :)

  • AnonD-321322

AnonD-4340, 19 Dec 2014Nobody cared when Samsung copied iPhone?? People are still talki... moreYou seem selective about forgetting that Apple also copied Sony, its not just Samsung that copied others. Every company does it, you follow the trend for better profits if you can't set it yourself.

As for Lenovo, they are downright mimicing lol, but uglier than the originals.

  • AnonD-321322

AnonD-265153, 19 Dec 2014Samsung copied Apple's design on the first Galaxy S series and n... moreThe iPhone itself was a modified copy of an unused Sony design.

Steve Jobs always asked his designers "What would Sony do?", when creating new designs. He admired Sony a lot, for its designs. He openly said it.

As Steve Job said good artists copy, great artists steal.

Lets also not forget Creative sued Apple and won long back for iPods copying UI features from Creative's Zen players.

Its business, everyone does this some more blatantly than others like Lenovo.

  • AnonD-321322


  • AnonD-246216

Nita, 19 Dec 2014This Chinese cellphone look like my z2... Chinese company alwas... moreIf they copy the design of others then they wont have to spend a lot on designing their own phones. More profit for them. Its a shameless move though...