BlackBerry Classic review: For old times' sake

2 January 2015
The BlackBerry Classic is a quintessential BlackBerry, any way you slice it. With a hardware QWERTY keyboard and navigation buttons, a strictly business appearance and the best enterprise chops in the industry, the newcomer is reminiscent of...

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  • Umang Patel

Blackberry Classic Support Jio Call and JIo Net service ..?
please suggest, is it good option to buy Blackberry classic in Oct 2017..?

  • rulez

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2015Classic is made with pure intention of selling it to core a... moreDoes it support jio Volte calls?

  • AdamBoy64

unknown, 01 Aug 2016does this phone support whatsapp???Yes, it will run Android apps. So you should be able to find it in an AppStore (eg. Amazon), or an APK if you wish.

  • unknown

does this phone support whatsapp???

  • AnonD-463822

I have just bought the Classic. It's my first BB. I am a WP user since WP8 (HTC 8x). I think that all about smartphones is the software, and, in my opinion Microsoft is the best. For work I need a dumb phone with good battery and qwerty. A safe soft and a good-looking device. That's why I chose BB Classic. I had enough with large screens, big phones, lots of glass/plastic protection over "gorilla", bending problems, soft updates and so on. I hope this phone will please me. If not, this will be my last try. I hope to see one day a phone for me, because this trend is shity.

  • Anonymous

Bane, 10 Jan 2015The only problem I have with Blackberries is their reluctan... moreYou know, app development isn't specifically on the Company but the App producers. If Viber doesn't want to build a better app for BB10 devices, BlackBerry can't take the entire bullet for it. Besides with the Android embedded platform it makes things a lot easier. It however depends on what you consider core apps.

  • Don

I am disappointed with the Classic. I appreciate it's ability to do most things well except for it's ability to receive weaker transmissions. I expected it to be as good as the Z30 due to the fact that it has more bands to receive with. However it is not nearly as good as the Z30. I prefer the Classic over the Z30 but in a weak signal area you loose the signal and drop a call much sooner with the Classic than you do with the Z30. I tried changing sim cards, phones, and a number of other things to try to improve the problem but to no avail. Very disappointed.

  • Anonymous

Subpar viewing angles can be a good thing for privacy in crowded placed.

Some obsessed people actually use polarising screens to further restrict viewing angles.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-138165, 04 Jan 2015"This phone is built for work, not for wasting time in... moreyou are totally right

  • AnonD-359685

Right now im typin this from my BB.
Im the proud owner and daily user of a BB 9900 Bold..the best of the old blackberry's in my opinion.
I also still have my old sony K800...has fell into a jacuzzi twice and still workin 100%...awesum reliable phones just like my 9900...also hav an experia and 2 BB 9380's still in a cupboard. All of those phones are still working.
And a freakin samsung S4 and note thats been replaced twice by the shop...freezing,hanging,battery failing etc...bunch of crap!!!! Samsungs are really overrated and ill never buy one again EVER.

I personally think the classic is awesum and id love to have it...or the passport but ill still keep usin my 9900 alongside it for the BIS.
I definately want my dad to get a himself a BB classic aswell and get lost of that damn nokia he has. We always argue and compare my 9900 to his piece of crap new nokia and my bb always comes out better.
I used to have only nokia phones many many years ago and they all were terribly unreliable then one night i got fed up and i threw mine into a jug of water... and that was the end of me and nokia lol. Samsung aswell.Theyre good phones but i just had bad ones i guess.
Thats all i had to say...guess im a BB guy lol.
Cheerio guys ;)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Jan 2015Are you a broker or a promoter or do you work for blackberr... moreI am a BB10 user . I really found that BB satisfy all my work needs . If a person is a professional or businessman , who work depends more paper and email , BB10 devices is best for them. I never recommended this device to any gamers and app downloading geek . On Music and Video basis every device is equal so no recommendation on that . Remember each device and OS has it own specialty if you give Andriod to me then I will hate it and if you Give Blackberry to Teenagers then they will hate it. That why RIGHT CONSUMER HIGH PRICE GREAT MARGIN .

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2015Classic is made with pure intention of selling it to core a... moreAre you a broker or a promoter or do you work for blackberry?
No buying thoughts, just selling thoughts. I don't think you are a regular consumer who is planning to buy a phone.

  • AnonD-175670

The Blackberry does not sell devices in short, she sells software, working environment and maximum security, so your devices have a hardware sometimes not always so good, also taking into account that the QNX technology has a cost benefit added to the 10 +, with the scale use throughout of Socs and Chipsets, I wonder what it would be like the BB 10 with these SnapDragons 410 of life ... the Androids would be small ...

  • Bane

The only problem I have with Blackberries is their reluctance to adopt major applications we already have on Android. For example, the apps I use a lot are Viber, which was working horribly at Q10 and mobile banking app from my local bank, non existant on BB. So I ended up having spare android phone for all the apps I need, keep it in a bag somewhere... however, I would like my BB to be able to achieve at least as much.

  • Aleni

i regretted buying the classic, it feels too wide for comfortable one hand use, and it's a bit heavy. Trackpad size is too small it's a bit hard to use. I will sell this and get the q10 instead.

  • Anonymous

Does viber work on this phone? I wish it will run with android

  • Anonymous

For this type of device I think these are very respectable specs. Definitely not bad at all

  • Don

James, 03 Jan 2015As I have commented elsewhere, premium mobile phones typica... moreI like your comments and think you are correct with what you say. In Australia the only way to get a top mobile is through a carrier over a 24 month contract but you have to pick the carrier well and some are far more expensive than others. I think Optus is the only carrier that has the passport and the others dont have Blackberry at all which is a real shame. However I think it cuts both ways. Blackberry can't cut a deal with carriers to get their mobiles on the shelves.

  • Anonymous

Classic is made with pure intention of selling it to core and QWERTY lovers not for gamers. It is nothing wrong but actually a mature strategy. In spite of building phone for everyone , build it for a specific Set of people and charge good margin.Many have said that BLACKBERRY should produce below $100 price phones but will they still buy Blackberry ? No. They won't they will still go for Chinese phones which are wholly sold on specs not on Quality. So what is the point of Building sub $100 phone with low or no margin , just to capture the market ? If its true then why with more than 30% market share investor are angry on Samsung -due to its single digit profit margin from double digit and not on Apple with just 12% market share and falling, (falling due to increase in other low margin players volume ,not in Numbers) -due to its increasing profit). Market share is meaningless with little or Margin.Now Blackberry as brand is still strong but now it focus on Enterprises user , who love Quality , stability and security . They don't care about specs or price. Hence both price and specs wise CLASSIC is great and all ready sold out on pre booking . REMEMBER LOW SALE HIGH MARGIN is Always better then HIGH VOLUME AND LOW MARGIN.

  • al750n

Everybody complain about specs .. Don't you remember iphone specs ? A7 1,7 GHz processor with 1 GB RAM? .. Specs only valid for Android .. Blackberry 10 and IOS are more efficient using hardware resource ..