Nokia 6270 review: A bulky slider

28 December 2006
It's been some time now that the Nokia 6270 has been on the market. This stylish slider is anything but slim and yet it managed to find its fans. The 2 megapixel camera along with the wide connectivity options, the large display and the great 3D stereo sound make it a prefered choice for a lot of… our guess is, die-hard Nokia fans. Our opinion is that there are better rival phones at the same price and functionality price range.

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  • Suraj

This is the best phone i have ever used best memories with this phone..


Anonymous, 25 Feb 2010best phone ever...sound is damn gud...u say it is best phone, ok then jus buy another one from me at very nominable rates,it just dont recharges the battery is only problem, contact my father if u want to buy it
i m deepak ,

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Feb 2010best phone....i can never forget the memories which i had with phone ever...sound is damn gud...

  • Anonymous

best phone....i can never forget the memories which i had with it.....

  • saad

i cant send messages

  • 6270

100(percent)network problem is theirdon't touch it

  • Saurav

Its too big to go inside our pocket

  • ivos

The Nokia 6270 has its advantages. It might be a little bigger but i has alot of features. It is not a perfect cell phone but its a damn good one.

  • Anonymous

fantastic phone .

  • devil

this phone iz sick it hangs a lot n i dont like the shape of it. i bought n73 its a kewl set camera with 3.2 mp. the screen iz big it have 3g support n many more if i choose between n73 n 6270 i wil choose n73

  • Vishwanath

There is one more disadvantage...
The phone has got a small internal memory and bluetooth receive files cannot be larger than the available internal memory free.... even though you could be having 1 Gb external memory fully free...

In case of receiving phone contacts.... also it can receive only 5 contacts.... when a whole phonebook is sent from another device over bluetooth...

FM Station selection tuning software is pretty old style and not good at all... i think Nokia has to do something for this menu... even 6030 has the same kind of menu....

While sending via bluetooth also... we cannot mark several and send... mark several option is there but send marked option is missing... you need to send files one by one...

  • Maxximum

You said : "there are better rival phones at the same price and functionality price range".
Well give me name names and models of mobile phones with egual specifications, including : bluethooth + the external memory card (2 Gb) + the FM radio...

There is NO OTHER !

Samsung, LG, Sagem... have no FM RADIO to offer ! :-(

Sony Ericsson have only their **x! and expensive memory stick system.
Think about it again... your comments are not fair.