Samsung Galaxy A5 and A5 Duos review: Five star

30 January 2015
Samsung's newly found love for “premium build” is spilling down the ranks and if the new A-series get half the love and attention the S-line has been getting, it will be a job well done. The Koreans are right to try and stir things up in the midrange...

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  • Lol

Official hozier, 28 Sep 2020What if i want to change my phone batteryDon't change

  • Official hozier

What if i want to change my phone battery

  • Anonymous

When Will Android 7 be released on Samsung Galaxy A5 (2015)?

  • Kv ebrahim

Iam using phone least 6 year
Very good..
No any complaints... nice camera picture quality...

  • Dyim

A5 is a good phone. Got this in 2014 and still using it. Tough battery, my kids are using it to watch youtube videos. Not for high end gaming though but good for browsing, music and Netflix.

Can still shoot clear pics and videos in good lighting.

  • Brum

Still using it today and works well. Battery still lasts one day with my usage (I don't play games on the phone) and performances are still more than acceptable.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jun 2019Absolutely shit call quality. Do not buy.It also have a very short battery timing

  • Anonymous

Absolutely shit call quality.
Do not buy.

Anonymous, 23 Apr 2017Had the a5 for one week and it freezes a lot the wife's a5 ... morevery true it lags alot.

  • Anonymous

This phone is my faviourite phone ever

  • Anonymous

Had the a5 for one week and it freezes a lot the wife's a5 has been replaced already after 6 days do not get this phone it's the worst Samsung phone I have had to date

  • Kadi

SUZE, 11 Sep 2016Don't bother with the Samsung Galaxy A5! I have had massiv... moreYou must've got a badly made one, I've had mine 18 months without one single problem, and still loving the phone.

  • Than

security problem, no pin required just by tapping the recents button is enough to open the phone.

  • AnonD-616813

candypie, 26 Sep 2016The second sim slot in my Samsung A5 is not closing well an... morePlaystore not show

  • Noname

My phone was upgraded to Android 6.0.1 last week.

Security update is supposed to be up-to-date till August, 1st 2016.

  • candypie

The second sim slot in my Samsung A5 is not closing well and the sum does not reflect in my phone. Please how do I solve this problem

  • SUZE

Don't bother with the Samsung Galaxy A5! I have had massive issues with this pos. I am very disappointed in it. I have already sent it back to factory once and now I am needing to do it again. It freezes, crashes, batter drains, muffled sound, over heats with a non removable battery. Just because a sales person tells you it's amazing (which I sadly fell for,) I suggest that you all look at more reviews and a5 issues/problems with it before buying.

  • Tarhee

My A5 restarting reboot but when i connect the charger remain booted but if i remove the charger reboot time after time

  • Thami

This phone is amazing I like slim design and display is great

  • AnonD-552444

Will the A5(2014) receive the marshmallow update ?